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Canadian Fishing Adventure

Fish Ontario Monster Pikes, Jumbo Smallies, Humongous Muskies and Walleyes!

Canada Fishing Trip

The moment you reach the dock, you realize this is a special place. The monster pikes, jumbo smallies, humongous muskies and the kind of walleyes you’ve only dreamed of catching. Here, your chance of reeling in a trophy fish is more than good. It’s expected. There’s a reason the fish are so big here. We practice catch and release. Sure, we keep enough right-sized walleyes for shore lunch, but we release the big ones to invest in the lake and in your experience. This conservation has allowed us to produce well over 1000 Master Angler fish every year. This allows our fish population to thrive and results in bigger fish year after year. So, although the catch is measured and then let go, the smile on your face should last a lifetime!

Don’t bring a rod. Or, a reel. Or, all the tackle you’ve gathered over the years. You won’t need it. Heck, you won’t even need to bait your own line. That’s because it’s all taken care of, thanks to our knowledgeable angler guides. These awesome guides will outfit guests with all the latest fishing accoutrements and tend to your every cast. Your only requirement is to sit back and take it all in.


As guests start filing in the lodge, a few drinks are shared as stories are tossed around like fishing lures. It’s the opening act to an unforgettable dinner. Our four-course meals start with an amazing appetizer. As you already begin complimenting the chef, we serve fresh salads and made-from-scratch soups that’ll have you begging for the recipes. Then, it’s the entrees. Steak and lobster. Mouthwatering chicken. The works. Cap it off with an exquisitely delicious dessert and there’s no doubt you’ll sleep like a baby, only to wake up to an incredible made-to-order breakfast to start your day.

Next to our fishing, our food is as world-class as it gets.


  • Giant fish such as monster pikes, jumbo smallies, humongous muskies and walleyes
  • Awesome guides that will outfit you with the latest fishing accoutrements and tend to your every cast
  • Luxurious accommodations 
  • Delicious 4-course meals from our world-class chef


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Let our team know that you are interested and want more information. Our team will be in touch within 24 hours.


May – October


Starting at $1,603 – $5,076


Services and equipment are included.


Luxury accommodation


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors


  • Accommodations
  • Fully guided fishing
  • Breakfast and gourmet dining in the lodge
  • Guide-prepared shore lunch & soda and bottled water in the boat
  • Boat, motor & gas
  • Fishing equipment
  • Fishing bait
  • Airfare to Ontario, Canada
  • Liquors / Wine / Beer
  • Staff gratuities
  • Transfer tours or extensions outside of the package trip
  • Taxes
  • Fishing License

Getting There:  The lodge is 60 miles northwest of Kenora, Ontario.  It’s on the English-Winnipeg River system, just four miles east of the Manitoba border and just 3.5 miles from International Falls, MN by car.  You can fly to International Falls or Winnipeg and take a float plane to our dock.


Whether flown in or boated in, every guest is greeted the same: with the embrace of a breathtaking wilderness we call home. It’s an awe-inspiring start to what’s sure to become the trip of a lifetime. Helping to make the experience even more magnificent is our unparalleled service, amazing accommodations and extraordinarily exquisite cuisine. And, of course, our world-class fishing. It’s all here, waiting for you!

Just kick back, relax, and know we’ll handle the rest. Whether it’s carrying your bags, stocking your ice, or refreshing your cabin every day, it’s our pleasure to ensure you’re treated like royalty. And although we’re a remote destination, we offer all the modern amenities like satellite TV on flat screens, electric heat, central air, soft beds, Wi-Fi and more. In essence, it’s just like home. And we’ll work tirelessly to ensure it feels that way.

Gage Outdoor Expeditions owns and operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges throughout the Americas. From Alaska to the tip of Argentina, Gage Outdoor Expeditions seeks out the world’s premier hunting and fishing adventures so you don’t have to. Every hunting and fishing expedition we offer has been explored by a Gage Outdoor consultant and only the finest venues are represented. We understand your time is valuable & you can’t afford to plan for weeks or months just to have some minor detail ruin your hunting or fishing experience. We travel the distance to bring you “The Best of The Best”.


Bring comfortable, casual clothing appropriate for temperatures ranging from 45-75 degrees. Layered clothing is recommended so you can adjust to changing conditions. Wool and synthetic insulating materials are excellent, and we recommend layers of differing materials, (e.g., cotton for comfort, and wool or fleece on top for warmth). Consider bringing a small backpack or dry bag that you can take on the boat to store personal items and extra layers. Dress for dinner is casual.

Laundry service is free of charge at the lodge, so there’s no need to overpack.

Suggestions of items to pack
  • Light-to-medium waterproof/water-resistant jacket
  • At least one sweatshirt, sweater or vest (wool or fleece)
  • Mix of long and short-sleeved shirts for variety and layering
  • Jeans or casual pants
  • Thermal or fleece bottoms (especially cooler months, as well as walk/wade fishing)
  • Wool or thermal socks
  • Fishing hat (or beanie during cooler months)
  • Fishing gloves (optional)
  • Comfortable tennis shoes or boat shoes for around the lodge
  • Hiking shoes with sturdy soles for adventure activities
  • Bathing suit (required for hot tub)
  • Sunglasses (polarized for spotting fish)
  • Phone/camera, charger/batteries and memory sticks
  • Backpack or dry bag
  • Heavy-duty zip-lock bags to keep gear dry
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Tobacco products
  • Personal medications
  • Toiletries