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Big Game Hunting Adventures

There is a deep satisfaction in the big game hunt. It’s a powerful sense of participation in a primal activity that has gone on since the dawn of time, tapping into man’s ancient struggle for survival and his ongoing thrill of the chase.

When in pursuit of trophy elk, moose, red deer or any trophy, you’re a dynamic participant in some of the most exciting, demanding environments on earth. Whether fording an icy stream on horseback in Patagonia or ascending a mountain in New Mexico, we share your dream and we can make it a reality.

Each Gage Outdoor hunting adventure has been scouted and selected by the Gage staff to ensure maximum quality. Working strictly with reputable and experienced guides and other professionals, we promise you a world-class experience.

Regardless if you hunt with a bow or rifle, seek mule deer or Canada Moose, we offer a variety of opportunities.

Spectacular terrain. Spectacular animals. Spectacular choices. We build each trip to suit your desires. There is nothing typical about a Gage Outdoor Big Game Hunt!

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