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Bolivia DOVE HUNTING, FISHING, OR Cast & Blast

Experience Dove Hunting & Fishing in Bolivia

Dove Hunting Bolivia

Gage Outdoors Bolivia dove hunting packages include all-inclusive hunts of high-volume doves. Our lodge is located on approximately one million farming acres of land and experiences approximately thirty million migratory doves between the months of April to October. The dove population in Bolivia has increased rapidly over the past ten years in parallel to the boom of the agricultural industry. It is estimated that fifty to sixty million doves annually arrive in Bolivia attracted by newly cultivated food sources.

Bolivia cast and blast

Bolivia does not place a numerical limit on the number of doves that can be hunted. In fact, our lodge provides assistance and protection to area crops and the local community.

Bolivia cast and blast

Bolivia Fishing

Our fishing lodge offers extensive and customized angling adventures in a remote, previously-unfished area of northeastern Bolivia. Located in the middle of the Bolivian Amazon, you will fish and sleep in a 2 million acres reserve inhabited by the Itonamas natives who welcome anglers from around the world. The lodge can host groups of up to 16 guests looking for an adventure of a lifetime. We have guests that continue to come year after year seeking time at the lagoon, river fishing, spin casting, bait casting, fly-fishing, or just relaxing in the picturesque surroundings and abundant wildlife that the lodge offers. Common wildlife sightings include macaws, parrots, storks, geese, and ducks, but we also encounter jaguars, tapirs, swamp deer, black cayman, capybaras, and pink river dolphins in their native environment.

Bolivia cast and blast

Our fishing trips to Bolivia will have you in search of the mighty saber-tooth payara, river tiger of South America, ranging from 10 to 30 lbs. In addition to payara, these river and lagoon systems have the highest concentrations of peacock bass found anywhere on earth. The peacocks here range from around three to twelve pounds and the daily catch numbers are amazing—it’s common for one angler to land 30-50 explosive-hitting peacocks a day! Other excellent game fish include brawny pacu up to 20 -40 pounds.


  • Our lodge is located on approximately one million farming acres of land and 30 million migratory doves between April – October
  • Extensive and customized angling adventures in a remote previously un-fished area of northeastern Bolivia
  • Quality luxurious accommodations in our #1 ranked hunting lodge in Bolivia
  • Bolivia does not place a numerical limit on the number of doves that can be hunted


Day 1 – Fly to Santa Cruz, Bolivia (Hotel night varies if flying overnight or during the day)

Day 2 – Morning pick-up from airport or hotel to fly to the fishing lodge & do half-day fishing in the afternoon

Day 3 & 4 – Full day fishing

Day 5 – Half day fishing in the morning, fly to hunting lodge, half day hunting in afternoon

Day 6 & 7 – Full day hunting

Day 8 – Half day hunt in the morning & return to Santa Cruz city in the afternoon after lunch to the spend the last night at the city

Day 9 – Morning return flight home to the US

Bolivia cast and blast

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Doves: April – October
Fishing: August – October
Cast & Blast: August – October


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Luxury accommodation


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  • All ground transportation
  • Lodging Accommodations
  • Hunting & Fishing license
  • Professional hunting and fishing guides
  • All meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • All beverages – wine, soft drinks, beer, bottled water, and liquor
  • Microbrewery experience
  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi and sauna
  • 3 Days Hunting & 3 Days Fishing (Cast & Blast)
  • Daily laundry service
  • Airfare to Bolivia
  • Staff Gratuities
  • Shells – $14 for 20 & 12 Gauge; $15 for 28 Gauge (prices are subject to change based on market cost)
  • Gun Rentals – $65.00 per day
  • Transfer tours or extensions outside of the package trip
  • Taxes


Our Bolivian Lodge is ranked the #1 hunting lodge in Bolivia! Accommodations at our luxurious hunting lodge include five-star suites, daily maid service, air conditioning, WIFI, TV room, outdoor swimming pool, twelve person jacuzzi, spa services, game room, outdoor barbecue with hammocks and firepit area with an incredibly qualified staff. We have wonderful chef behind the culinary experience prepared in the lodges professional kitchens. Our chef continually impresses all guests with the outstanding food and desserts.

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