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Argentina Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Waterfowl Hunting Adventure

This area, known as the depression of the Rio VALLIMANCA, provides excellent duck hunting. It’s landmass, that combines good pasture and croplands with large depressions, ponds, lagoons and field marshlands, is an ideal habitat for ducks. Shooting is done in baited lagoons or ponds and sometimes in baited canals (passes) between large water bodies, as well as in cropped feeding areas.

Normally, our guests hunt in pairs in natural cover or well-camouflaged permanent blinds. We respect a liberal 25-bird limit per person in the morning and an additional 15 to 20 in the afternoon hunt.  Partridge shoots are done in pairs behind pointing and retrieving dogs. An average of 20 points and flushes can be expected throughout the afternoon.  Pigeon hunting, which is dependent on prior scouting and seasonal climate factors, is done in feeding areas or in the occasional roosting area.  Most of the hunting is done on the property or on properties directly surrounding the Estancia making for convenient and comfortable travel times.

The Hunting Estancias

Upon arriving at your destination you will be greeted by a nostalgic feel of the old world. Lush grounds and charming architecture add to the experience. One of the advantages of hunting from the estancia is the drive to the shooting areas are short, usually 40 minutes or less. We have 22,000 acres leased, with about 50 percent of that being wetlands. The balance is used for cattle grazing and the cultivation of corn, soybeans, sorghum and wheat. This combination of marsh and agriculture provide excellent habitats for a wide variety of water birds.

Duck Species

Rosy-billed Pochard, White-faced whistling duck, Speckeld teal, Southern Wigeon, Brazilian teal, Red Shoveler, White-cheeked pintail, Brown pintail, Fulvous tree duck, Cinnamon teal, White tree duck, Ring neck teal, Black head duck, silver teal and Chilean Widgeon.


  • Duck hunt over decoys 2 times per day in the afternoon
  • Small groups (6 guests)  get the lodge exclusively
  • 13 different species of ducks
  • Option for afternoon – Perdize hunt when conditions are right


Day 1 Depart the USA for the 8 hour overnight flight to Buenos Aries, Argentina

Day 2 AM arrival, clear customs and transfer to the lodge. Eat lunch and afternoon duck hunt.

Day 3 – 5 Hunt ducks in both the morning and afternoon

Day 6 AM duck hunt, transfer back to BA for overnight flight back the USA

Day 7 AM arrival back in the states, board connecting flight back home

Argentina duck hunt

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Mid April – July


Starting at $4595.00


Services and equipment are included.


Luxury accommodation


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Phone: 763-595-5936


Our Pro-Staff works M-F and will be in touch shortly.



  • Ground transportation as required by itinerary
  • 5 days hunting / 5 nights accommodations
  • All food/wine and open bar at the Estancia
  • Bilingual host throughout trip
  • Bird Boy
  • Hunting License
  • Gun introduction fees
  • Shotgun shells $15.00 per box
  • Staff gratuity at your discretion (average per day for bird boy is $50.00/average for staff is $25.00)
  • Airfare
  • Transfer, tours or extensions outside of the packaged trip
  • Laundry


Our lodge is a beautiful estate built in 1930’s was refurbished for hunting guests. Modernly decorated inside, it combines creature comforts with the antique charm. It has a inviting living room, nice sized dining room, four big comfortable bedrooms and a gun room. It is located in one of the best duck hunting areas of Argentina only a four hour drive from Buenos Aires airport with easy access.

Upon arriving at your destination, you will be greeted by the nostalgic feel of the old world.  Lush grounds and charming architecture adds to the experience.  One of the advantages of hunting from the estancia is the drive to the shooting areas are short, usually 40 minutes or less.  We have 22,000 acres leased with about 50% of that being wetlands.  The balance is used for cattle grazing and the cultivation of corn, soybeans, sorghum and wheat.  This combination of marsh and agriculture provides excellent habitats for a wide variety of water birds.

The lodge sits in a prime area for duck hunting where the population flourishes due to the limited pressure on the resource, exceptional wetlands and the proximity to the migratory routes.  This area’s extensive grain production and increased rainfall for the last several years have created the ideal conditions for waterfowl providing large amounts of ponds, lakes and marshes for the birds.

Gage Outdoor Expeditions owns and operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges throughout the Americas. From Alaska to the tip of Argentina, Gage Outdoor Expeditions seeks out the world’s premier hunting and fishing adventures so you don’t have to. Every hunting and fishing expedition we offer has been explored by a Gage Outdoor consultant and only the finest venues are represented. We understand your time is valuable & you can’t afford to plan for weeks or months just to have some minor detail ruin your hunting or fishing experience. We travel the distance to bring you “The Best of The Best”.


One of the things our customers love most about a Gage expedition is that we take care of all the details, so they can focus on the good stuff: the hunt, the camaraderie, the adventure, the total experience. When it comes to your hunting trip, we aim to please.

US citizens no longer need to pay the reciprocity fee to enter Argentina. As of 2018 all you need to visit Argentina, as a United States citizen, is a valid passport.

Whether traveling to Patagonia or through Buenos Aires to our other hunting destinations, guests are greeted at the airport by bilingual staff, professionals in effortless travel throughout South America. We will assist with customs, gun clearance(not recommended to bring guns) and transfers. Throughout your stay, you are accompanied by bilingual hosts who will do everything possible to make sure your trip is flawless.

Argentina Cuisine

Argentineans are known for their excellence in wine and cuisine. Our partners take great pride in sharing all the flavors, tastes and traditions with their guests.

The day begins with fresh-squeezed orange juice and a hot breakfast including eggs, bacon, cereals, pastries and fruit.

For lunch, hunters are treated to a fine dining experience —right in the field —including any combination of barbecue pork, beef and sausages; freshly baked breads; fruits and fine wine.

At the end of the day, guests enjoy a relaxing cocktail hour with appetizers. Dinners in Argentina showcase regional and fine world cuisines and vary from shrimp, salmon and other seafoods to the best of Argentinean beef filets, steaks and tenderloins.

The highlight of the trip is the traditional Gaucho Barbecue Feast including locally prepared sausages, tenderloins and pork.


April = 57 F – 73 F

May (Fall): 35 F to 65 F. Some rain.

June – July (Winter) 30 F to 60 F

Bringing a firearm to Argentina

We do not recommend bringing a firearm on your hunt but if you decide on it we will assist you. If you have never brought a firearm to Argentina in the past or it’s not a breach loading firearm, the process is pretty simple.

If the above does not apply, you will need to get approval by mail or in person appointment from the Argentina consulate closest to you.



Ammunition must be purchased on-site at $13.00 per box of 25 for dove and $15.00 per box for partridge, duck and goose. We ask our guests to clear the shell charges prior to their departure. Payment must be in the form of a personal check or cash – US Dollars are fine.


Common liquors, such as scotch, gin, rum or vodka are available. However, if there is special liquor you want (bourbon for example), please let us know in advance or buy it at the duty free store in Miami or the Buenos Aires Airport. Never drink the tap water in Argentina.


Birds cannot be exported from Argentina in 2018


Cash and major credit cards are acceptable for purchases in most of the stores. At the Lodge we accept only cash or personal checks. It is a good idea to let your credit card companies know you will be traveling in case you need to use your credit cards. Check with your credit card company to make sure there are no fees to use your cards while in Argentina.


Cell phone service should be available in Buenos Aires and you can speak with your Gage Outdoor agent about WIFI or cell service at the lodge you will be visiting. Most estancias are equipped with WIFI service. Check with your service provider about data or cell usage packages in Argentina. Whatsapp is an app you can download on your phone to communicate with friends or family. They would need this app on their phone also. You can text, phone, and send photos and video for free.


Proceed to the baggage claim area to secure your luggage and follow the lines to clear customs. A Four Seasons staff member will be holding a sign with your name outside of customs – look in the area next to the McDonalds. If for some reason you do not see the Four Seasons representative wait in this area.


Voltage in Argentina is 220 volt, differing from the USA 110 Volt. You will need an adapter but most appliances or charges do not need converters. Adapters can easily be purchased in Buenos Aires if you do not get one in advance.


As a guideline, standard tips for bird boys are $50 per hunter per day. For the house staff, a standard tip is $40 per day per hunter. Tipping your host is optional.


Check-out time at the hotels is 12:00 Noon. The hotel has a secure area to store guns and luggage.


Spanish is the spoken language in Argentina. However, one of our bilingual hosts will accompany throughout your stay in Argentina. Please communicate any concerns during your trip to your host. He is there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Personal Medication

Travelers clearing customs with medication are selectively stopped and referred to Federal Narcotics Agents for questioning. They must prove that the medication is what they claim it is and has been prescribed by a physician. Since this may cause undue delay and the possibility of missing connections, it is suggested that you make sure the container is labeled and has the prescription number from the pharmacist who supplied the prescription to you, plus the date, your name and the name of your prescribing physician.


U.S. citizens must have a passport that does not expire within 90 days of your return date to the USA. NEVER PACK YOUR PASSPORT IN YOUR LUGGAGE.


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