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Whitetail Deer Hunting

For many seasoned hunters, the Whitetail Deer is the most sought after game in North America, and the most elusive. For a fair chase, once in a lifetime, opportunity at a trophy whitetail come to our Whitetail hunting lodge and experience the hunt of a lifetime. We offer opportunities at 170+ class whitetails in a fair chase environment with NO TROPHY FEES.

With over 16,000 acres of managed habitat, we offer you a quality opportunity at a trophy whitetail. We combine quality lodging and food with the best whitetail hunting in North America for a great hunt at a modest price. Whether you are searching for a Pope and Young trophy with a rifle or an archery Boone and Crocket monster we will offer you the opportunity to succeed.

The whitetail deer hunting consists of a combination of spot and stalk and stand hunting. Some hunters like the excitement of a spot and stalk hunt while some prefer the patient persistence of hunting from a stand. Our fully guided Whitetail hunts are tailored to you to make your hunting experience the best! Each morning you will be in position at the crack of dawn and our guides will work with you until the sun goes down to find the trophy whitetail you are looking for. 150 class Whitetails are seen daily and bigger Monster Whitetails are a definite possibility. Success rates are normally about 90% for rifle hunts and 60% on whitetail archery hunts.