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Hunting is one of the favorite activities people do when they go hiking. Most of them actually hunt for fun. Have you ever hunted doves? Unlike other animals or birds, hunting doves is a completely different experience. There’s a lot of fun involved.

Now, Argentina is one big destination for dove hunters. There are lots of dove roosts where you can hunt readily available doves.

What should you bring when going for Argentina dove hunting? Check this out.

1. Legal documents

These are very crucial since you will need them to gain entry into the lodges. Among them should be your passport, airline ticket/schedule, proof of insurance, and driver’s license. Your passport should be current. Also, make sure that the name on your international ticket matches the one on your passport.

These documents will enable you enter the lodges and hunt doves without any restrictions.

2. Protective Clothing

Going to hunt is completely different from going to swim. You need to put on all protective clothing to keep yourself safe from all possible adversities. The following are what you should carry for safety purposes:

  • Eye protection – For eyes, a pair of sunglasses or shooting glasses of good quality are ideal for the hunting process. Make sure you protect yourself from harsh ultraviolet rays.
  • Ear protection – Carry along foam earplugs to protect your eardrums from loud noise. Shooting can cause loud noises and you need to be safe from them.
  • Shoulder pad -This will mainly protect you from abrasion caused by mounting the gun as well as recoil.
  • Gun pad – It works like a shoulder pad, protecting you from abrasion.
  • Hand protection – Light shooting gloves should be on your packing list. These will help in protecting your hands when they become very hot. Often, loading guns and shooting for many hours can cause a lot of friction between your hand and the gun barrel, making it very hot.
  • Foot protection – Some nice waterproof and lightweight boots are ideal for this activity.

Also, carry along some regular clothing depending on the weather. For instance, you can carry jackets, sneakers, socks, underwear, shooting vest, T shirts, and more. Don’t forget to carry a cap.

3. Medication

Depending on the season you go to Argentina dove hunting, you may experience some health conditions. Headaches, minor injuries, and fatigue may result. This is why you need to carry some medications along with you.

Make sure you carry some pain relievers, antibiotics, and medications that treat nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions, and diarrhea. A first aid kit can also be very helpful in case of minor injuries. You may get hurt by your gun or even fall down.

4. Guns

Guns are basic needs when going to hunt doves. Shotguns are the best for this purpose. You can either carry an autoloader for easier work or a pump-action, mainly for backup. You should carry a gun that you know how to use for safety purposes. You don’t want to hurt yourself with your own gun.

5. Money and additional items

When it comes to finances, there’s no harm in carrying cash, credit cards, or personal checks. Simply carry what is the most convenient for you. Whatever you decide to bring along, make sure you keep it very safe to avoid inconveniences.

Additional items may include sunscreen, camera/film/batteries, toiletries, electrical converter for electrical items, and your mobile phone. Toiletries may include soap, comb, wet wipes, dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, towel, band aids, sewing kit, and gauze pads.

Sunscreen will be good for your skin. You don’t want to expose yourself to harmful ultraviolet rays. It will protect your skin as you enjoy your time hunting in the sun.

A camera will be the best thing to make memories with. Going on vacation without a camera can be so boring. What will you show people when you travel back home? You need a good quality camera to take pictures and videos. This is a perfect way of creating incredible memories.

You may carry more items depending on your needs and preferences.


Argentina dove hunting is very popular as there are many dove roosts. Doves usually destroy crops and hunting them is quite a relief to the farmers. It’s kind of helping them to look after their crops. What an enjoyable activity to spend your vacation on! It’s time to take a break on hunting other animals and try hunting doves. Good news is that Argentina dove hunting is open during all seasons. You can travel there any time and season you want.

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