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The best gift for Dads of 2021!

Dad, Papa, Father, Grandpa, whatever you call him, he is your family’s special guy, the fixer, the boo-boo kisser, the light in your heart. If Dad is an outdoorsman, an adventure seeker, the best Hiker, Kayaker, Fisherman, Hunter you know, then he deserves a gift that gets him outside and into the wind! Doesn’t he deserve to commune with his buddies around the campfire, cook up something delicious, have a toast to Nature and the animals we all love, tell a few of those Tall tales.

Father & daughter fishing

Father & daughter fishing moments

Gage Outdoors knows men very well. Thousands of Hunters, Anglers, and Adventurers pass through our doors every year. So, we thought we would give a few recommendations on some awesome gifts you might consider. Just Click on any name highlighted in color to go to the sites.

Subscription Gifts most allow you to choose the number of deliveries per year: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually.

Carnivore Club – This box contains some of Dad’s favorite tasty cured meats: Italian salamis, Spanish Jamon (aged Ham), American Bacon and much more. They even put together several selections of quality Jerky snacks so Dad can take this on-the-Go!

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Craft Beer Club – Our partner for a great chance to try small craft breweries from around the country. Dad and his friends will enjoy this high quality collection of Beer, they can make their own Beer Flight!

Grillmasters Club – BBQ Sauces, BBQ Rubs, wood chips and other flavor enhancers, take Dad’s BBQing to another level. The family will be crying for more. Also included in the monthly box are cooking tips and recipes. Make Dad shine at the grill.

BattlBox Survival Box – the ultimate for the Adventure driven Man, choose a subscription box that will provide Dad with just the right amount of Gear for all the places he communes with Nature.

Mystery Tackle Box – For the Angler Dads, this is a great little gift which provides him with lots of lures, fishing line, etc. that Dad could use to land the Big one.


Pit Barrel Cooker Co. – The ultimate piece of fine grilling equipment made for smoking ribs, cooking steaks, hanging meats or ears of corn-on-the-cob. Easy to transport to the Dock or the Park. Dad will love this Flavor making way to cook.

Shop Baker's Bacon made from sustainably raised heritage breed pork


Backwoods – Dad’s dream marketplace for Camping, Hiking, Fishing gear along with Adventurer clothing and great footwear. This site has something for every Dad who loves to “get outdoors and explore”.

The Adams Arms Team – Divided Find Ranch

Gage Outdoor is proud to partner with a highly respected gun manufacturing company who supplies our famous Divided Find Ranch in Texas and other sites within our Family of Ranches. “Adams Arms provides cutting edge technology that meets the real needs of the modern warrior”. Give Dad a hunting gift he will treasure! And suggest he take his new gift to one of Gage Outdoor’s hunting sites for a great hunt.

Unique Gifts

Skylight – A unique photo frame that will give Dad hours of enjoyment watching a slideshow in which the whole family participated. Email photos to your skylight frame from anywhere. Everyone in the fam can send to your Skylight’s unique email from their phone or computer, and photos arrive in seconds.

Butcher Box Bacon – What Dad wouldn’t love to break his diet for the best Bacon in the USA. Specialty crafted and sold as only the most prime cut, check out this great gift idea and throw in “ I’ll make the breakfast Dad” on the side.


Grilling is one of the best way to celebrate Father’s day!

The Honest Bison – Our wonderful partner has gifts for all of those Dads who love the taste of great, clean Bison, Elk, Venison and more. If your Dad likes to cook, this is the highest quality meat you can buy him. Click on the link and get 20% off your first order of Ground Bison, then throw in the Elk steaks and so on!



At Gage Outdoors we bring Hunters and Anglers, expert marksmen and beginning shooters, fly fishing gurus and those who can’t tie a fishing lure to our prestigious ranches. We have the most experienced hunting dogs and expert guides. Why don’t you consider buying Dad the trip of a lifetime if he has not gone adventuring with Gage? Call Mercy Sells or Rob Linhoff (tel:+17635955936) for details on the following adventures. This is just the short list of fabulous outdoor fun for Dad. We can make him a great gift card so he can pick the time and place.

Heli-Hog Hunting
Wingshooting at Historic Thunderstik Lodge
Alaskan Fishing
Bolivia Cast and Blast

Luxury in Montana

One of Montana’s glamping accommodations

If Dad would prefer to take Mom along or even the whole family for an adventure, check out our division which provides unique and luxurious trips to NEVER DISAPPOINTING locations like:

Couples Luxe Adventures Texas Hill Country Resort, or, Luxury in Montana or Family Safari in Texas

We know you will find just the right thing for your Dad, our list is hard to beat.

Happy Father’s Day to all our great Dads. Can’t wait to see you on location!

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