Shooting Range at Thunderstik Lodge - Gage Outdoor Expeditions


Our ten station sporting clays course is a fun and challenging way to spend some extra time shooting. The sporting clay course is outfitted with professional grade Promatic throwers, which will increase the variety and excitement of your shooting experience. Whether you are knocking off some rust, engaging in some friendly competition or just trying to break your own personal best you are sure to find this course a blast.


The games clays are perfect for a warm up before the hunt or a practice session in the afternoon. Similar to an enclosed 5 stand, this location has 6 shooting stations and 5 automated clay target throwers. We have the ability to throw a variety of different target trajectories and speeds all from one static locations. The games clays are fun and a challenge for the best of shooters!


The Historic Thunderstik Lodge invites you to our new long range facility. It is nestled in beautiful scenery looking over the rolling hills of the Missouri river, only a few steps from our main lodge. Coupled with world class pheasant hunting, historic lodging and exceptional cuisine, our long range course offers addition entertainment and exposure to large caliber shooting. if you are new to the sport and would like to get instruction during your stay, this addition to our property is perfect. On the other hand, if you are an experienced shooter and would like to sharpen your skills, our long range is expertly designed with you in mind. Your group can pre arrange to have Tannerite targets set up for fun or fun competition.


Historic Thunderstik’s Long Rang complex is a marksman’s dream. We have designed a mile long dedicated range with the help of industry experts. The field has incremental metal target stands every 100 yards and is anchored with a sunken shooting deck housing over 6 different shooting lanes. Our goal was to make a facility perfect for shooters of all levels, but challenging enough for an expert marksman to hone his craft.

  • Assault and Sniper rifles
  • AR15
  • Ak47
  • PX90
  • 6.5 Creedmoor Magnum
  • .338 Lapua Magnum
  • .50 Caliber BMG
  • Cowboy and historic guns
  • Lever Action Winchester
  • Single Action Revolvers
  • Double Action Revolvers
  • 1911’s
  • Shotguns for moving targets
  • Various makes & models of shotguns

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