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mercy sells


Hunting and Fishing Concierge

Mercy Sells is the Hunting and Fishing Concierge for Gage Outdoors. Mercy grew up in The Last Frontier in Anchorage, Alaska. From early childhood, she was exposed to wilderness adventures in the great outdoors.  Whether she was running in the mountains, canoeing from the foot of Portage Glacier, skiing on the vast trail systems, orienteering through wilderness territory, shooting at the Cook Inlet range, moose hunting with friends, hiking remotely with bear bells or fishing for Alaskan salmon and halibut, she never strayed far from her love for adventure and the outdoors.  Her sense of adventure has continued to develop as she has lived in Oregon, Minnesota, California and Colorado.  Mercy currently resides with her family in Las Vegas, NV.

Mercy’s business career has been as eclectic as her outdoor experiences.  Including a wide array of specialties such as sales, marketing, hospitality, luxury travel, branding and hunting and fishing sales and partnerships.  All of these contribute to her success here at Gage Outdoors.