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Your rifle is the most important piece of gear you’ll bring on a hunting expedition. No matter where you go, it’s going to be tough to bring anything back if your rifle isn’t up to the task.

Also, if you’re not confident that your rifle will perform when the time comes, it can really diminish the entire experience of your expedition.

So, it’s important to get a rifle that’s appropriate for the type of game you’re hunting, and that offers the performance you need to make your hunt successful.

If you’re looking for a great rifle to bring on your next expedition, we have a few suggestions for you.

Montana Rifle Company Colorado Buck Edition

The Montana Rifle Company Colorado Buck Edition is an excellent, boutique rifle that comes chambered in some of the best calibers for large game hunting.

It’s lightweight rifle, built on a polymer stock with aluminum bedding. The combination of materials makes for an extremely rigid platform that delivers ultimate precision without weighing you down.

This rifle also features a classic look, with a brown stock and a classic black finish on the barrel and action. The barrel features an integrated muzzle brake to make shooting those larger calibers more pleasant.

So, if you’re looking for a rifle that’ll make your big game hunts more satisfying from start to final shot, this is a wonderful option.

Barrett Fieldcraft Lightweight Rifle

Barrett’s reputation precedes this rifle. The Barrett Fieldcraft Lightweight Rifle is built to the same standards that made Barrett a favorite in the military community.

This rifle comes chambered in several calibers for hunting medium to large game. The caliber selection is excellent for moose, elk, American whitetail, and similar sized game. However, you may prefer a magnum round for your African safaris.

The barrel and action are stainless steel and set in a polymer stock with aluminum reinforcement around the action bed. It’s a very lightweight and rigid platform that delivers incredible accuracy.

Barrett uses a black polymer stock, which is in line with the company’s tactical roots. It’s a great looking rifle. However, those who prefer a wood grain look should read on and see our other recommendations.

Browning X-Bolt Rifle

Although it’s more of a mass production rifle, the Browning X-Bolt Rifle is still an amazing hunting platform.

You can get X-Bolt rifles chambered in almost any caliber you might need, including several magnum calibers. So, the X-Bolt is an affordable option for any expedition.

Browning offers the X-Bolt in a variety of configurations, with both wood and polymer stocks. No matter which stock material you prefer, you’ll get an extremely rigid platform that gives you the precision you need for even long range shots in rugged territory.

Most models are fitted with a muzzle brake to make it more comfortable to shoot larger rounds. So, you can go home without a bruised shoulder.

The X-Bolt is definitely the best choice if you need to use a specialty caliber or want several options for the aesthetic of your gun.

Savage Arms 111 Lightweight Hunter

If you get out there and walk a lot during your hunting expeditions, the Savage Arms 111 Lightweight Hunter is designed for you.

Savage has shortened the carbon steel barrel a bit and used a walnut stock to create a rifle that weighs in at just 5.5 pounds. However, the platform is still exceptionally rigid to coax the most possible accuracy from the barrel.

Additionally, the trigger pull weight is adjustable to coax the best performance from you, the hunter.

But, the barrel is still just 20 inches. And, this rifle is only offered in standard calibers, which are most appropriate for whitetail, elk, moose, and the like. So, this may not be the best rifle for your African safaris.

Even so, it’s still an excellent lightweight rifle for those who put a lot of miles on their boots during their hunting expeditions.

Bergara B14 Hunter Rifle

Bergara has been a legitimate competitor to the usual suspects for many years. The Bergara B14 Hunter Rifle is a great rifle that presents an excellent alternative to some of the more common brands.

This rifle comes chambered is the most common hunting calibers, including a few magnum calibers for those who need to shoot a big game round.

The barrel is built from Bergara 4140 CrMO steel, and bedded in a synthetic stock with aluminum reinforcement pillars for improved rigidity and enhanced accuracy.

All the metal parts, except the bolt, are finished in matte black. The bolt itself is silver stainless steel, which gives the action a nice two-tone look. The stock is graveled gray, which offers decent camouflage capabilities. However, it’s a natural looking texture, even though it’s synthetic.

Additionally, the graveled coloring is mirrored in the texture. The stock features a soft textured exterior that improves your grip on the rifle, even with sweaty hands or in wet conditions.

Even though Bergara offers only one aesthetic option for this rifle, it’s affordable and offers excellent performance.

Weatherby Mark V

Weatherby is a long standing favorite for big game hunting. The company has even designed magnum rounds specifically for big game hunting. The Weatherby Mark V is one of their flagship guns that comes in configurations for hunting any sort of game.

No matter what you’re hunting, Weatherby offers the Mark V in a caliber that will work for you. Also, Weatherby tends to make their barrels a bit longer than standard, often opting for a 26 inch barrel. So, the Mark V is excellent for expeditions in rough terrain where you may be forced to take exceptionally long shots.

The stock is reinforced for enhanced rigidity and exceptional accuracy. There are plenty of aesthetic options, including camouflage finishes. No matter which look you prefer, the stock is capped with a rubber recoil pad to take the punch out of the recoil.

This is an especially good option for those who exclusively hunt big game. But, you could easily use the Mark V for all your outings.

Bringing it Home

With the right rifle, you’ll be a lot more comfortable and find your time outdoors much more enjoyable. And, it’s more likely that you’ll have a successful hunt.

Any of these rifles will deliver an excellent hunting experience. So, no matter your budget or preferred look, you can get a great rifle that will make your expeditions fun and unforgettable.

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