Light My Fire Baby - The Grilling Season Begins

Memorial Day is fast approaching and for much of the cooler parts of the country, everyone can finally breathe a sigh of relief that cold weather is gone for the season and it is time to “Get outdoors to do some serious Grilling”!

American flag

A Salute to All our Veterans on this Memorial Day

Beatrice Bradley ( and Gage Outdoors has partnered with an incredible Veteran owned company called Pit Barrel Cooker to bring you a new standard in outdoor grilling. Pictured here in Iraq in 2003, Is Navy Corpsman, Noah Glanville, the owner of Pit Barrel Cooker Co.

Noah Glanville

Noah Glanville during he’s deployment in Iraq

Once home from his tour and faced with bouts of PTSD, Noah set out to develop a grilling method which would treat him to the flavors he fondly remembered at home.

After 29 prototypes were built trying to get the equipment “just right”, in 2010, Pit Barrel Cooker Co. was born. This Family owned and Family Approved business is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. This method of cooking is so unique, burning charcoal is the heat source, but you can hang your best cuts of meat inside the barrel for an even, all around cooking that preserves juiciness (up to 8 racks of ribs can hang at one time). And, your dry rub flavors are totally enhanced as they caramelize onto the meat. You can also use the grill plate to sear certain cuts to make your meat look restaurant-chef prepared.

Click this link to see some of their awesome video recipes on our Gage special recipe section.

If you already have your favorite grill, no problem, we have more tips about putting on the perfect Barbeque. Of course, the quality of the meat is very important and Gage Outdoors is all about quality meats. If you have ever come on a hunt at our Historic Thunderstik Lodge, , you know the high quality achieved when animals are free to roam the grasslands. The cleanest proteins on earth can be found right here in the USA at a number of smaller farms which produce Farm to Table clean meat, free from hormones, antibiotics, etc. Your flavor quotient just went way up when you use any of the quality meats we offer to grill at your barbeque.

We have partnered with Farm Foods, a purveyor of fine meats, who specialize in many types of protein, especially suited to your grilling party.

 Pinterest Smoke Roasted Brats on the Pit Barrel Cooker

Smoke Roasted Brats on the Pit Barrel Cooker

I counted more than 25 types of sausages on their site, combination flavors like Smoked Duck sausage links with Apple Brandy, Elk Sausage with Apples, Pears and Port Wine, and so many more. Check out the huge variety of sausages they offer by clicking below:

Shop now and get free shipping on all orders of more than 10 pounds at!


Farm Foods has a slogan “ know where your food comes from”, they list all of the Farms with pastureland where their meat is raised.

If you want to offer more variety of meats than just yummy sausages, please take a look at our partner The Honest Bison, which provides exceptionally tasty, free roam grass fed Bison and Elk. If you would like to show off a new trick to WoW your family’s tastebuds, put some of The Honest Bison’s burgers on the grill and watch the comments come rolling in. See in our blog section Special recipes for The Honest Bison clean cuts of meat. I especially think you would like to try the Pub Classic Bison sliders made with sweet potato buns.


The Honest Bison also lists its grazing partner farms, scattered around the country with lovely green pastures, for the animal meat they sell. We have been adding several of their recipes to the blog section of our website because Sean Lenihan, the owner, carefully curated specialty chefs to create fantastic recipes using the meats The Honest Bison offers. From Bison Filet Mignon Oscar to Elk Tomahawk steaks, every exclusive recipe is a blast of fine flavor for your tastebuds.

You have chosen your grill, you have chosen your meats, what more could there be to consider? One of the most important aspects of pulling off the “great grill technique” is finding the right seasoning mix to apply before you grill. There are many dry rubs you can make yourself but why not make it easy and try one of the specially crafted rubs or marinades from our partner in SPICE, The GrillMasters Club.

This monthly box filled with wonderful spice mixes offer a customized, specially picked ingredient selection that will be wonderfully suited to your grilling experiences. Both dry rubs and sauces come to you in each box, offering a variety of flavor enhancers that will make your proteins super tasty. If you are going to be daring and start enjoying Wild game protein, you might as well take a few chances to boost up the flavor with specialty spices.


Our Gage Family believes in spending quality time with family, friends, and neighbors, joining to make a sense of community. We hope you will try some of our favorites listed above to pull off a Great Start to the Grilling season.

Make sure you have FUN trying new combos and writing up your winning combinations. We would love to hear comments back about your successes, and please sign up on our mailing list so we can send you coupons for $$$$ off on our fine vendors products. Click here to Sign Up!

We remember and thank all our Veterans who made this great country a place where freedom is still honored. Happy Memorial Day, let the Grilling Games begin!

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