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Pre-Thanksgiving Fest and Pheasant Hunt

Hunt with Rick & Corey Harrison The History's Pawn Stars

Pre-Thanksgiving Fest and Pheasant Hunt with the Pawn Stars

Join Rick & Corey for a pheasant hunting adventure at Thunderstik Lodge! Chamberlain, SD is known worldwide as the nations pheasant hunting capital. The spectacular, rolling grasslands of South Dakota offer the ideal habitat and terrain for hunting the impressive ring neck pheasant and consistentlyproduce the highest pheasant populations. The days at Thunderstik Lodge have a gentle flow, as schedules are unrushed, allowing hunters to relax and enjoy their hosts witty personality and the complete Thunderstik VIP treatment provided by our seasoned, experienced guides.

After a day in the field, hunters return to the Ranch and relax at the bar or by the bonfire, then enjoy a delicious chef-made dinner. They can experience the breathtaking view of the Missouri River from Historic Thunderstik’ s front porch and scan the rolling hills down to the river looking for our resident buffalo herd, mule deer and other wildlife. The views and company are amazing!


  • Pheasant hunt with Rick and Corey Harrison
  • Experience the breathtaking view of the Missouri River from Historic Thunderstik’s front porch
  • Enjoy all our property has to offer including our rifle range and skeet range
  • End each day with gourmet dinners and Boozy Bonfires


Day 1 Arrive at Thunderstik Lodge and tour the property, doing some warm up target practice shooting and then enjoy some appetizers & drinks at the Lodge.

Day 2 Start the morning with a Pheasant Hunt and afternoon long range rifle target practice. Enjoy a Prime Rib Dinner.

Day 3 Start the morning with a Pheasant hunt and head to the Fun House for an afternoon of shooting competitions. End the day with a Walleye dinner in the lodge.

Day 4 Start the morning with shooting at the Pistol Range and head out in the afternoon for Pheasant hunting. Dinner at the lodge will be Pheasant Ossobuco.

Day 5 Country style breakfast and open shooting, if time is available before departure.

rick and corey harrison

TBD – Call for more information


$3795 per person – 3 day hunting/4 nights


Services and equipment are included.


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors


  • Hosting by Rick and Corey Harrison
  • Three full days of professionally-guided hunting
  • Four nights deluxe accommodations in private suites – based on double occupancy
  • 5 pheasants per day
  • Cleaning and packaging of all game plus travel coolers
  • Blaze orange caps
  • Complimentary beverages and appetizers
  • Non-resident hunting licenses
  • Ammunition
  • Gourmet meals
  • Multiple sporting clays courses
  • On-site transportation
  • WIFI access in the lodge and suites
  • Daily maid service
  • Gourmet meals and Hors d’oeuvres
  • Refreshments while fishing
  • Shoot sporting clays, skeet, 5-stand, trap and long-range rifle range
  • Gun rental include (ammo is separate and not included):
    • Assault and Sniper rifles
    • AR15
    • Ak47
    • PX90
    • 6.5 Creedmoor Magnum
    • .338 Lapua Magnum
    • .50 Caliber BMG
    • Cowboy and historic guns
    • Lever Action Winchester
    • Single Action Revolvers
    • Double Action Revolvers
    • 1911’s
    • Shotguns for moving targets
    • Remington 870 pump action
    • Browning Double Barrel
  • License
  • Ammunition
  • Gratuities
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Having grown up in San Diego and moving to Las Vegas in his late teens, Rick was a crafty genius early on. His first job in his earlier teens found him selling knock off bags at flea markets and then scoring the coveted ‘next’ pawn license in Las Vegas once the p population hit a quarter million and he was barely out of his teens. Having left school early due to falling behind as his epilepsy kept him from keeping up with his class, books and knowledge became his passion and the self-taught role model and Pawn Star has parlayed his talents into a successful career as an entrepreneur, tv star and historian. An outdoorsman, he collects guns and cars, enjoys off-roading and lives 4-5 months of the year off the grid at his 80-acre ranch in the mountains of Oregon. Rick is working towards his pilot’s license, as well, currently. His struggles with epilepsy early on have led him to a position on the National Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Foundation and hosting an annual motorcycle run in Las Vegas.


Corey is always game to try something new. The youngest of the three Harrison’s who turned owning a gold and silver store into a Pawn Shop and then an unbelievably successful reality television show on History for 10 years, loves adventure, traveling, hanging with the guys, being outside and taking anything to the next level. He always wants to drive the fastest, be the best and win every time out. Corey is the loyalist friend and best buddy any one would be lucky enough to hang with. Camping and outdoor activities are favorites of his as is off-roading and motorcycle trips around the west coast with the guys. He, too, left school early in his teens to study at a trade school and then decided to join the family business. Always coming up with new ways to make Gold & Silver Pawn even more successful, Corey also looks for entrepreneurial activities to become a part of both in Las Vegas and elsewhere. He is a man’s man with a heart of gold.