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    Helicopter Hog Hunting

    • $1137.50 hour / hunter (2 hunters minimum)
    • Helicopter is a R44
    • 2 Hunters minimum
    • 2 Hours Flight Time minimum (double occupancy $1137.50 per hour per hunter)
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • AR15 .556, red dot scope & suppressor
    • 430 total weight limits (double occupancy)

    The All Inclusive Lodging Ranch Package Includes

    • $350 per night per person *double occupancy upgrade to single occupancy $75 per night per person
    • Airport transfer both ways from San Angelo
    • 40-foot motor coach brings you to hunting location and serves as a lodge in field (lunch, drinks, bathroom, satellite TV and socializing)
    • Lodging and 3 meals a day with an onsite Private Chef
    • Safely and Shooting Training (learn to clear the gun in flight)
    • Exotics Ranch Tour on Side by Side with Guide
    • Trap, Skeet, 5 stand and 1600-yard-long rifle range
    • Sports bars and fire pit

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    • All hunts at the Divided Find Ranch by Texas Specialty Hunts / Helicopter Pig Hunting are NON-REFUNDABLE.
    • 50% deposit of total amount is due within 15 days of booking or your hunt or your reservation can be will be canceled.
      • If you hunt is booked within a 30 day window, 100% is due at time of booking
    • Balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival - failure to pay balance by the 30-day period may result in cancellation of your hunt and/or forfeiture of any deposit.
    • If for any reason there are fees due at the completion of the hunt (i.e., trophy fees on animals, ammo, gear or clothing), these fees must be paid at hunt completion. Payments must be made by either cash or credit card (no exceptions).
    • All credit card payments will be accessed a 3% processing fee. ACH Transfers are free and we accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
    • I fully understand that weather or mechanical problems maybe be encountered in helicopter hunting. We will NOT refund any payments made due to weather or mechanical problems. We will make every effort to reschedule your hunt within 60 days of the original hunt date or give you a credit for another Gage Outdoor hunt.