Greg went to Argentina to do some Red Stag Hunting & Fishing - Gage Outdoor Expeditions

Our customer, Greg recently went to Argentina to do some Red Stag hunting & fishing!

Here are his comments: “Trip went well and was amazing! The only issue was having to wait for an extended time in line waiting to get through immigration in Buenos Aries on the way and that caused me to miss my flight to Bariloche; so I had to buy a ticket for a flight out of the other airport 5 hours later. The guide, Andres was very helpful and drove me to the other airport. The itinerary was changed and I fished first before hunting. Fishing was amazing on two different rivers with a patient guide that helped me develop my fly fishing technique. Hunting at the lodge was great! The hunting, food, camaraderie, all superb and they were a great host. I was ensured that leaving the country wasn’t an issue.

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