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Big Hat Outdoors and Gage Outdoor Expeditions are happy to announce an affiliation with Grillmasters BBQ Club. We want to introduce you to a great way to make your lunches and dinners “sing” with flavor” and get your family to chime in like the choir to praise your cooking! Click here for more info.

Whether you are grilling or smoking a protein you caught on one of our ranches, or you have had a delivery from your favorite on-line butcher, your GrillMaster BBQ subscription box will always bring you the latest in grilling cuisine. They include tasty recipes as well as the hottest products and great technical tips for finishing your meat.

April’ Subscription BBQ Box ContentsApril’ Subscription BBQ Box Contents

Bubbas BBQ Pork Rub
Tasty Texas BBQ Sauce
Dip Sh*t Vegetable Dip
Talk Texan Spicy Honey Rub
Sweet Swine O Mine’s All-Purpose Rub


Grill Masters Club uses a certified BBQ judge for its curating process. We choose only the most unique and highest quality barbecue products on the planet and we pack them with care. Our boxes come with an original and tasty recipe as well as a history of the product you are receiving and how to use it.


Most barbecue sauce of the month clubs feature just that, barbecue sauce. You can think of most BBQ clubs as a BBQ sauce of the month club plus rubs, wood chips, snacks, chili seasonings, accessories and more. Where a BBQ sauce of the month club will only deliver in one category, and still can’t deliver on variety because of such a limited customer base and limited product selection, a monthly bbq club can bring you every facet the BBQ and smoking style of cooking.


When you receive your BBQ club box, it generally will contain 2-6 items depending on the size of box you ordered. Each item should be clearly labeled and factory sealed. If an item is not factory sealed do not consume it as it could have been tampered with. Ideally each product should come with some sort of educational materials covering the products history or taste and a recipe to help you make a new meal your family will love. All of the included items should be neatly packed so they are easily identifiable and do not shift during shipping to prevent breakage.

If you love BBQ, then you know all the tasty variety that BBQ style of cooking brings. There are many different styles of cooking from smoking to grilling. There are also different types of sauces to complement different meats like the sweet Kansas City barbecue sauce, or the Memphis dry rub, which features only a rub. Furthermore, you have different apparatuses, tools and even many options of wood chips, when set ablaze add smokiness, to impart a diverse range of flavors.

So, what should you be looking for when it comes to the selections in a monthly barbecue box? Well, the first thing to pay attention to is the curator. Who is actually choosing your products every month? Does he/she seem to be knowledgeable and interested in bringing you the most variety and quality in their selections? At Grill Masters Club our products are curated by a Certified BBQ Judge so you know you are receiving top notch products that professional grill teams use in competition. If the other monthly BBQ services you are looking at do not seem to be knowledgeable, or they are not posting informational material for you to learn, or are downright unknown, you should only buy Grill Masters, the best Barbeque box for all tastes.

May’s BBQ Subscription Box Contents May’s BBQ Subscription Box Contents

Sap Yo Daddy BBQ Sauce
Dirty South’s Hot Mamma’s Rub
Meatbyte’s Chili Seasoning
Pacific Spice Companies Beer Rub

If you want to increase your freezer stock of clean protein, so you have plenty of meat to Grill on your barbeque, join Gage Outdoors for a fishing/hunting trip.

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