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(Minneapolis, MN): Gage Outdoor Expeditions, a global leader in hunting and fishing trips around the world, announces their newest lodge in Texas specializing in Helicopter Hog Hunting. Owner John Kalan searched the foothills of Texas to find the perfect location for hunting, lodging and state of the art helicopters. With the number of feral hogs throughout Texas growing at an alarming rate, Gage Outdoors helps landowners, farmers and ranchers control the damage done by these invasive and destructive creatures. These wild pigs have been ruled a threat to the environment and we invite you to take part in preserving the beautiful state of Texas.

The lodge has over 28 years of experience and 2.5 million acres of private land to hunt – this will definitely be a trip for the books! Join our skilled pilots as you are taken up in one of many helicopters and supplied with a suppressed AR-15 rifle to use as you fly over the pigs and do your part to help fight the hog menace that plagues the great state of Texas. Spend your down time relaxing at our lodge, enjoying great meals and taking advantage of adding on a la carte species for an additional hunt or practicing at our trap, skeet, sporting clay or 5-stand.

Lodging and dining are a top priority when you book a Texas Helicopter Hog Hunt with Gage Outdoor Expeditions and you’ll receive 5-Star treatment! Our facilities and food are excellent and we are able to accommodate small and large groups. If you are looking for the best Corporate Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas, you need to give us a call because you and your guests won’t be disappointed!


  • Feral hogs are capable of breeding at six months of age but eight to ten months is normal, provided there is good nutrition. Under poor habitat conditions, sows have been known to eat their young. Gestation is around 115 days with an average litter size of four to six, but under good conditions may have ten to twelve youngsters. While capable of producing two litters per year, research has shown the majority of sows have only one per year. Baby hogs may be born throughout the year with peak production in the early spring. The young hogs are born with a 1:1 male to female sex ratio. Feral hogs generally travel in family groups called sounders, comprised normally of two sows and their young. Mature boars are usually solitary, only joining a herd to breed.
  • Wild hogs are among the most destructive invasive species in the United States today! Two million to six million of the animals are wreaking havoc in at least 39 states and four Canadian provinces; half are in Texas, where they do some $400 million in damages annually. There are now around 2.6 million hogs in Texas, more than anywhere else in the United States. Their foraging causes about $52 million in annual agricultural damage.
  • We have more than 60 species free ranging on over 18,000 acres of Texas Hill Country.
  • We also have the largest herds of Axis deer, Blackbuck and Scimitar Horned Oryx in Texas.

About Big Hat Outdoors: Big Hat Outdoors, LLC is the parent company of Gage Outdoors founded by John and Kimberly Kalan of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Big Hat includes Thunderstik Lodge, located in Chamberlain, South Dakota, along the banks of the Missouri River. Big Hat’s other brands are Rooster Ridge Hunting Lodge (also in Chamberlain), Gage Outdoor Expeditions, and High Profile Grounds Maintenance and Green Solutions (Minneapolis).

To learn more or get information about a hunting or fishing trip please email Kim Kalan at and websites can be found at

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