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Corey Harrison


Corey is always game to try something new. The youngest of the three Harrisons who turned owning a gold and silver store into a Pawn Shop and then an unbelievably successful reality television show on History for 10 years, loves adventure, traveling, hanging with the guys, being outside and taking anything to the next level. He always wants to drive the fastest, be the best and win every time out. Corey is the loyalist friend and best buddy any one would be lucky enough to hang with. Camping and outdoor activities are favorites of his as is off-roading and motorcycle trips around the west coast with the guys. He, too, left school early in his teens to study at a trade school and then decided to join the family business. Always coming up with new ways to make Gold & Silver Pawn even more successful, Corey also looks for entrepreneurial activities to become a part of both in Las Vegas and elsewhere. He is a man’s man with a heart of gold.