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North American Whitetail

Come hunt in the famous Buffalo County in Wisconsin!

Whitetail Hunting North America

Buffalo County is known as part of the driftless area, with extremely varied topography consisting of high ridges, long narrow valleys, and areas of steeply sloping land in between. Bluffs rise above the river bottoms by 500 feet in some areas. Only a small corridor along the Mississippi River was ever glaciated, where terraces have been formed from glacial melt water deposits. The lack of glaciers in Buffalo County, Wisconsin has left an abundance of minerals in the farm land. In addition to the minerals, the topography has made it challenging for hunters for consistent wind. This is why Buffalo County has been famous for those rack growing monster trophy whitetails.


What’s unique about our lodge is that we take a very low number of hunters per year so that you can have a hunt of a lifetime.  We average only 1-2 people for every 100 acres we lease for the entire archery year so that the land will not get over pressured.  All of our Buffalo County Archery and Rifle Deer Hunts are done under the rules of fair chase, as there are no high fences.  Our “All-Inclusive” Whitetail Hunts were created for the sole purpose of providing the hunter with a high-quality hunting experience.  All of the guides are avid hunters and know the habits and patterns of the deer and know what it takes to get you close another for that shot of a lifetime.


There is an Antler Restriction on all Whitetail hunts.  130” minimum on all 8-pt bucks and on all other bucks there is a 140” minimum.  Bucks shot under the minimum are subject to a $750 penalty.


  • Hunt in the famous Buffalo County near the Mississippi River
  • Professional guides with years worth of hunting experience
  • First class accommodations with wonderful gourmet meals
  • Have the Hunt of a Lifetime as we average 1-2 people for every 100 acres so land will not get over pressured


Day 1 Arrive at the lodge the day before hunt is scheduled to start.


Day 2-3 Hunt from sun-up to sun-down with wonderful meals at the lodge

Day 4 Depart Lodge for home .

Whitetail Hunting


The 3rd week of Oct – Mid Nov – Archery

The 3rd week in Nov for 5 days – Rifle

The first week in December – Muzzle Loader


Starting at $2,750

Non hunters -$350

3 & 5 day hunt packages


Services and equipment are included.


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors

  • Accommodations
  • All Meals
  • Fully guided hunting
  • Airfare
  • Staff gratuities
  • Hunting License
  • Processing – $95 add on
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