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 Big Game Elk Hunting

The Elk, or Wapiti, is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals in its native range of North America, and Central and East Asia.

Each of these hunts provides a unique and fulfilling experience that caters to a wide range of experience and fitness levels. On this page you will find a brief overview of what each hunt entails, if you would like more info on a specific style of hunt, please ask. Archery, Rifle, and Muzzleloader Hunts are available.


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Mercy Sells



New Mexico
British Columbia


Varies by weapon type – September -December


Starting at $2,900 for cow elk and $7,500 for bull elk

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For New Mexico elk we work to pair you with the correct outfit and unit based on your hunting preferences and budget. We have private landowner tags available along with draw hunts and draw assistance. We set up a call before assisting you in the draw to go over unit and date options and answer any questions you have on the hunt prior to applying. For both draw and private l.o. hunts we have a variety of accommodations available from nice lodges to cabins and tented camps. As elk hunts in New Mexico continue to be highly sought after, landowner tags can start around $6000 and cost upwards of $20,000 just for the tags in prime Units with monster bulls.  


    • Pre-Rut & Rut Archery Elk (September)
    • Firearms (October – December)
    • Muzzleloader (3rd Week of October)


    • New Mexico boast of some of the largest bulls in the world
    • Beautiful country featuring a mix of pinion, juniper, and sage flats.


Starting at $7,500


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Our lodge is a world-class hunting preserve that sits on 5,000 acres in Utah deep in the Duchesne Ridge mountains where our ranch and cabins are bordering along steep terrain and wallows, offering anyone a great hunting experience.

The lodge is located in scenic Utah. The ranch is 90 miles from Salt Lake City the beautiful Wasatch mountains. The elevation at the Lodge is 6,200 feet and reaches a max point of 9,800 feet. The lodge was founded in 1992 by and is still run by the founder and his son, who are both known for harvesting record book animals.

As top rated Utah elk hunting guides and outfitters, we offer an unforgettable hunting experience at our lodge in the Duchesne Ridge mountains. Start each day with a delicious meal prepared by our master chef, and then set out on a spot and stalk, ground blind, or UTV/ATV hunt with your expert guide. Our new lodge has all the amenities of home, including 7 separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining area with a family room, and a vaulted ceiling that overlooks the canyon. Plus, with water, showers, heat, and electricity by generator, you’ll have all the comforts you need. Book your hunt today!


    • 5000 acre private estate hunt
    • More controlled hunt with quality bulls
    • Beautiful lodge 90 min outside of Salt Lake


Duchesne Ridge Mountains, Utah


Starting at $8,900


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Colorado is a hunter’s dream. It is one of the most mountainous states in the United States which makes for incredible elk hunting. There are more than 50 peaks that are over 14,000 feet or higher above sea level. Those peaks are covered in forests that provide a sanctuary for elk, deer, and other wildlife. The result? Colorado produces more elk than any other state!

We have many different options for Elk hunting in Colorado. If you have certain lodging or hunting unit preference, please reach out so we can help you find the right fit. 


    • We have private land, estate, and OTC hunts available.
    • We can help put you in the right unit
    • Draw not required for all hunts


Multiple locations and hunting units offered throughout Colorado


Cow Elk starting at $3,900
Bull Elk starting at $8,900


We have everything from luxurious lodges that can accommodate large groups to spike and tent camps in the field. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll find the right fit for your hunt. 



Let our team know that you are interested and want more information. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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