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Canadian Moose & Caribou Hunt

Experience Canadian Big Game Hunting

The Hunt

We offer 3 types of hunting experiences; Backpack, Horseback and Lake Hunts. Each of these hunts provides a very unique and fulfilling experience and caters to a wide range of experience and fitness levels. Here is a brief overview of what each hunt entails, if you would like more info on a specific style of hunt, please ask


We provide backpack style hunts for Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose and Caribou with options of a combinations of species.

Some of our stone sheep and goat country is accessed by trucks and four wheelers and based out of our main lodge. Upon arrival at camp your guide will assist you in preparing your pack and food and prepare to head into the field. Time will also be taken to check rifles or bow at one of our shooting ranges prior to leaving for your hunt.

On a backpack hunt you will take your camp with you through-out the hunt spending time at different vantage points glassing/hunting for the target animal, this often requires hiking to the top of mountains and moving through tough terrain.

Our backpack moose & caribou hunts are horse assisted, once you down an animal we have wranglers in the field who can come to your location and pick up the animal and transport it to the nearest accessible lake to be flown out, we believe this gives the best of both worlds as you can hunt further from plane accessible water sources while not having to worry about riding/using horses during your hunt.

Mountain Backpack hunts are very challenging but rewarding and provide the optimal amount of hunting as you are hunting in the heart of where the animals live from the moment you step out of your tent to going to sleep.


Our horseback hunts are mostly based in the center of our hunting concession, hunters fly into one of our lakes and are met by their guide and wrangler and taken to one of our spike camps with either a cabin or comfortable wall tent. Due to the thick vegetation, creeks & rivers and timbered or willow valleys that we hunt moose & caribou, horses are an effective way to access the far-reaches of their habitat and cover mile of country in a day.

We have great horses that we use for riding and packing gear and animals and experienced guides and wranglers that know how to use them very effectively. Horseback hunting can be challenging and tiring, we aim to get out early into the field to hunt each day and often come back after dark. The horses are capable of covering a lot of ground and moving through thick and very difficult terrain which can be required to pursue or recover an animal, horse riding experience is an advantage and recommended when booking this hunt to allow for the use of our horses to their full potential. Our guides & wranglers will show you proper riding techniques to ensure you have the best experience and the horses are taken care of.

During the hunt you may use a variety of camps or need to spike out with tents (if pursuing an animal) this can require time to pack gear & food and trail between these camps, while this takes up part of your hunting time our guides will choose to move to give you the best opportunity at the game you’re hunting.


Our hunting concession contains 71 accessible lakes, some of which we have cabins and/or wall tents with cots. Hunters will charter in from our main lodge and be met by the guide at the lake. Hunting involves calling and glassing from the boat on the lakes as bulls cruise the shoreline or hiking to vantage points overlooking meadows and clearings near boat access (further for those looking for a challenge but will require some help to pack back to the boat). The vegetation is thick with a mix of timber, willows and alders which adds a challenge to hiking, glassing and shooting moose, we utilize calling a lot during the rut to bring in the bulls.

The fishing is also exceptional with 10-20 lb northern pike & up to 20 lb lake trout being caught, and a great way to break up the day so please let us know if you would like to fish as a license must be purchased and bring your own fishing rods and tackle. Not all lakes have fishing so please inquire.

These lakes hunts are great relaxing hunt and the easiest style hunt we have to offer, great for 2 buddies who want to hunt together or out of the same camp while still having the chance of finding a giant Canadian moose!


  • 3 types of hunting experience
  • Traditional cabin & tent accommodations
  • Extremely remote location
  • Hunting opportunity: Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Stone sheep and Mountain Goat


The daily hunt plan will be made up by your guide. His experience and skill will take you in search of the species of choice. With that said, please talk to you guide and discuss plans and your ideas. If you need a rest day or want to go deeper or stay out longer, please talk to him. Without communication they don’t know what you need or like. This is your adventure and they will do what they think is needed but sometimes your wants are different then others so please communicate your opinions.

Canadian Moose & Caribou Hunt

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Varies by Species – inquire for specifics


Starting at $12,000


Services and equipment are included.


Luxury accommodation


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors


  • Accommodations
  • Meals & Beverages
  • Transportation from airport to the lodge
  • Licenses
  • Tags
  • WCF
  • Taxes
  • Government Royalties
  • Unscheduled Flights
  • Meat Processing
  • Taxidermy Costs


Our main camp (ranch) consists of a fully furnished lodge with kitchen, living room, hot shower, laundry and dining area as well as hunter cabins, tool shop and several other out buildings. This our main staging area for the backpack sheep & goat hunts in August and where each hunter will arrive prior to chartering into our hunting concession. Accommodation is provided at our main camp prior to and after your hunt when needed. On your contract you will have an arrival date and departure date. We ask you please follow this schedule as we are very busy and space is limited. The town of Watson Lake has hotels if you are driving up and do happen to arrive in the north early. Watson lake is only 1.5 hours from camp.

Each camp in our concession is set up differently with some rustic but comfortable cabins and/or wall tents with wood stoves, cots & propane lights. These camps all serve their purpose for a hot meal and place to lay your head after a rewarding day in the field, however some of the camps are standard to remote hunting camps of northern BC. Each camp is set up with propane cooking, cooking utensils and cutlery and a readily accessible water source.

Wall tent camps are generally simpler than our cabin camps and used to put you in the best country to hunt your target animal. On occasion you may need to “spike out” in smaller tents if you’re after a specific animal however if this is necessary the guide will discuss with you and decide on a game plan.

Your camp location will be decided based on your guide’s educated opinion to give you the best opportunity during your hunt, we will discuss this with you on arrival to camp.

Gage Outdoor Expeditions owns and operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges throughout the Americas. From Alaska to the tip of Argentina, Gage Outdoor Expeditions seeks out the world’s premier hunting and fishing adventures so you don’t have to. Every hunting and fishing expedition we offer has been explored by a Gage Outdoor consultant and only the finest venues are represented. We understand your time is valuable & you can’t afford to plan for weeks or months just to have some minor detail ruin your hunting or fishing experience. We travel the distance to bring you “The Best of The Best”.


Commercial Airlines – Most of you will enter Canada via a commercial airline. Even with connections you should be able to accomplish the trip in one day. Whitehorse Yukon has good service with multiple daily flights into the airport. Once you’ve arrived in Canada, most of the flights are direct from Vancouver, BC via Air Canada. You will need to fill out the gun form for entry.

On arrival in Whitehorse hunters will rent a car which can be shared with other hunters on the same hunt date and travel 5 hours south to our main lodge near Boya Lake Provincial Park. From there you will take a charter plane out to camp or use trucks and four wheelers to access the area they will be hunting.

We use a charter company to fly in all our clients and have to work with them throughout the season, weather is the main issue and can lead to delays in getting hunters in and out of the field. This is out of our control and we expect patience if this becomes an issue on your hunt. Everyone wants to get you out and we will do our best.

There are also options to drive in your own vehicle to our main lodge, if this is something you’re considering we can provide more info. Once you book a hunt with us, we will provide more detailed information on travelling to our area and requirements for firearms etc.


Ethics and Fair Chase Hunting is of the utmost importance. Illegal activities can jeopardize the future of our operation, the potential confiscation of a harvested animal and ultimately the future of hunting. Your guides are aware and have been informed of the wildlife regulations and are expected to obey all laws. Please do not ask them to knowingly take part in illegal or unethical activities. If an honest mistake is made, proper steps need to be taken to correct the situation


Our area is approx. 3300sq miles and covers vast wilderness areas with mountains, lakes, plateaus, timbered valleys and marshes; perfect habitat for Canadian moose, mountain caribou, mountain grizzly, stone sheep, mountain goat, wolves & wolverines. Due to limited access (float plane only) our area provides one of the best hunting areas in BC.

Access to the country is via float plane to our many lakes outfitted with cabins or wall tents with the use of either horses or boats to hunt for Moose, caribou, stone sheep & goat. We use trucks & four wheelers for some of our stone sheep and goat hunts.

We also offer exceptional fishing on our lakes and rivers with trophy quality lake trout, northern pike, bull trout, Dolly Varden salmon, grayling and rainbow trout in various locations.

The elevation ranges from 2000-5000 ft for our rivers and lakes and our larger mountains 7000 ft to 9000 ft.

Hunts offered include; Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou (usually as a combo), Stone sheep and Mountain Goat. Wolf can also be added to any hunts.


We have a very experienced, hardworking & professional guiding staff working for us again this year. I truly believe we have the greatest core group of guides in the business. You can be sure that whatever guide you have you will be treated with respect, taken care of and hunting with a professional. This area will most likely be different than other outfits you may have been to in a couple ways; there will be alot of responsibility put on these guides to make things run smoothly in your individual camp. We are all a team and all work together striving to build this outfit into the most sought after in Canada. Many of the guides will stay up late helping other guides with capping or cooking a meal after they arrive at midnight. It will definitely be a 5-Star experience.


Our crew is in the service business, and tipping them is customary and greatly appreciated, but not required. What you tip a person is between you and them. For the guide and crew, 10-12% of the hunt cost is average, depending on their level of service. Your guide will normally get the larger portion of the tip, but if you have a cook or packer/wrangler on your trip (many of the hunters will), please don’t forget them. Our guides and staff work long hours and guide because they love it. Regarding tips, cash is always great, so are hunting/ outdoor products that you can part with, especially if it’s something they don’t have, break or need. Again, tipping is not required, but is greatly appreciated and customary. If you do not feel your guide deserves a tip, let us know so we are aware of the issue and can fix it for the next paying customer.


Make sure you bring sufficient funds for harvest fees if you haven’t prepaid them. (if they apply to your hunt.) Harvest fees need to be cash, bank drafts/cashier’s checks. Please note that GST/HST is also applied to your harvest fees. Cash is preferred!


You will have included money for your licenses and tags with your hunt contract. We will purchase those for you before you arrive in camp. If you want to purchase additional tags, you will need to let us know well in advance as you will not be able to purchase a tag once in camp under any circumstances, and we do not allow hunters to shoot game and then purchase the tag for it. After you receive your licenses/tags make sure you have the proper licenses before leaving for camp as we just can’t run back to town to get a replacement


The weather can change quickly in the mountains especially as the season progresses the likelihood of heavy rain, snow and fog impacting hunting will increase. We will do our best to work around weather however at times it can stop charter flights from picking up or dropping off clients from the field.


If you wish to leave early due to quick success, emergency reasons or business/personal reasons, then we may be able to quickly schedule a plane to come in and pick you up. You will need to pay the cost of the unscheduled flight (over and above the cost of your regular scheduled aircharter). It is helpful for to us to know in advance if you plan to leave early. We may be able to schedule you on another flight, saving you money and us time. We will do our best to work with you regarding this. It is easier on everyone if you’d stay for the duration of the hunt, but things happen and some people have tight schedules. If you ask for an early flight you will need to pay for it as the costs are shared with hunters arriving or planned flights in.


You will fly out on the last day of your hunt date. You and your guide will need to arrive back in camp the evening before. We will need to fill out a hunt report/declaration for you. Before you leave, sometimes we will take measurements and age your animal(s) for our records. And put our custom information tags on hides, horns, skulls so we keep them organized. If your hunt is delayed due to weather, one of the staff can help to reschedule your flights and contact your family. When you arrive back, you’ll be met at the float plane dock by our expeditor or other arrangements will be made. Arrangements will be prior made to get your heads inspected and or shipping/taxidermy done. Animals CANNOT leave BC to the Yukon unless done so best to plan and leave it with us. They will be taken care of


When you harvest an animal, you will be able to take whatever meat will fit on the commercial plane (approx. 50-70 lbs./person) or all meat if you drive yourself to our main camp. Bring game bags, pillow cases, compactor bags & or plastic containers that you can use for taking meat home with you. Coolers are available for purchase in Whitehorse. Some hotels will freeze meat for you also. More information will be provided upon booking or request.

We harvest roughly 20-25 moose per year and are not able to cut and wrap your moose for you before you leave. If you are taking moose meat with you expect to take “chunks” in bags to be processed when you return home.


The success of your hunt may very well depend on your physical and mental preparation and ability. Hunting here is the Real McCoy. You should be doing some type of physical exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) at least 3-4 times/week and more is better. If you really want to burn calories, exercise first thing in the morning and if time allows, once or twice a week, add a workout in the afternoon. Remember to eat healthy and balanced meals. With proper exercise and eating habits, you’ll be healthier, stronger, happier and a better hunter. The following are things we would suggest depending on your physical ability and age. In order to get aerobic exercise, you need to do these for at least 20 minutes straight, each time. we recommend 30-60 minutes/time.


  • Running or brisk walking – at least 2-3 miles.
  • Biking (mountain biking)
  • Organized sports – (Basketball, Hockey, Soccer or Tennis)
  • Exercise machines (Stairmaster, Nordic Track, Treadmill, Bike)
  • Circuit training w/free weights or universal system
  • Aerobic type classes (Tai Bo, step aerobics, etc.) – don’t laugh as you be surprised as to how well this improves
    agility and coordination and the scenery is usually great.
  • Make sure you hike around town or the local hills with the boots and pack you’ll be wearing on the hunt because if you have sore feet, everything else is secondary.

If you feel you’ll need to use a Satellite phone for business during the trip, I recommend that you purchase or rent a handheld satellite phone (Iridium or Globalstar) – contact Explorer Satellite (Andy Cool email. He can get you one and takes really good care of you for us.

I recommend getting a Garmin InReach and having it figured out BEFORE you arrive. They are really handy if all you need is texting or sending short email. Pairing it with your smart phone makes life easy! We are mostly using InReach devices now as they are the most reliable and cost effective. You may use the guides for periodically checking in at home. But they need to save them for our use.