Buffalo Hunting

Experience the trip of a lifetime when you hunt the majestic buffalo!


Experience the trip of a lifetime when you hunt the majestic buffalo with Gage Outdoors.  The rolling prairies, where we hunt these massive animals resemble those found in the movie, “Dances with Wolves”.

Hunts offered: From buffalo cows to trophy bulls, Gage Outdoors has it all. Our all inclusive hunts are sure to make memories that will last forever. Contact us today to book your South Dakota Buffalo Hunt on the vast prairies.

Weapon: You can hunt with a Bow, Muzzleloader, Pistol, or a Rifle (Minimum Caliber .270).

Land: We hunt a large area consisting of 7,000 acres which assures the hunt to be very challenging.

Gear: All you really need to bring is your weapon of choice and your cold weather gear and we will take care of everything else.

Meat: Processing by our professional butcher runs between $400 and $800 depending upon the size of the Buffalo you shoot.  If you decide to have us skin/quarter your Buffalo, we charge $125/Cow, $175/Medium Bull, and $225/Trophy Bull.

Joining a Gage Outdoor Buffalo hunt will give you the feeling our Native American Ancestors had when stalking through the fields across the great American Prairies. Big bulls stand 6’ high at the shoulder and can weigh over 1,500 pounds. Cows can weigh over 1,000 pounds. Preparation for field dressing the animal, and harvesting the meat from the field location, is essential. The hunting guides at Gage have this covered for you.

Buffalo are huge and tough to bring down. Good shot placement is essential. For this reason, you want to avoid shots that are too close or too far away. You need a clear view of the animal you’re aiming at, and you need to see what might be standing behind it. Do not risk having a pass-through shot that will injure a second animal. Once you have brought the Buffalo down, you can expect it to yield (in pounds) the following amount of lean meat, based on a medium 1,100lb Bull.

Please see the chart below, courtesy of Gerald Hauer, a Canadian Bison Production Specialist:

Approximate Meat yield: Depending on shot placement/butchering

On Average =

Cow buffalo = 270 – 300 lbs

Med bull = 370 – 440 lbs

Trophy bull = 400 – 500 lbs

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Guides
  • Ground Blinds
  • Field Transportation/Field Dressing
  • Wireless Internet/Satellite
  • Satellite TV
  • Gratuities
  • 6.5% South Dakota Sales Tax

December – February


Trophy Bull – $6800
Medium Bull – $5800
Small Bull – $4800
Buffalo Cow – $3800


Services and equipment are included.


Luxury accommodation


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors


Our South Dakota hunting lodge is located in Northeastern South Dakota in the town of Athol, just minutes away from Aberdeen and Redfield South Dakota.

Our Gage Lodge ensures your time away from the field will be very comfortable. We offer private lodging for various sized groups which allows you to never have to share your place with other hunters. It is your private place while hunting with us.

Gage Outdoor Expeditions owns and operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges throughout the Americas. From Alaska to the tip of Argentina, Gage Outdoor Expeditions seeks out the world’s premier hunting and fishing adventures so you don’t have to. Every hunting and fishing expedition we offer has been explored by a Gage Outdoor consultant and only the finest venues are represented. We understand your time is valuable & you can’t afford to plan for weeks or months just to have some minor detail ruin your hunting or fishing experience. We travel the distance to bring you “The Best of The Best”.