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British Columbia Moose & Bear Hunt

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British Columbia Moose & Bear Hunt


We conduct 7-day bear hunts beginning each Spring starting in May when the bears are fresh from hibernation and the hides are excellent. Hunts are conducted from our main lodge. Spring bear hunts may be combined with a wolf hunt for an additional fee.

Our area has a very high population of LARGE color phase black bears, because of excellent habitat and the fact that it is not over hunted. We mainly hunt them only two weeks in the Spring season when they are fresh out of hibernation and concentrated on feeding areas where they are relatively easy to find and stalk. The hides are excellent at that time, much better than coastal bears because of our colder winter temperatures. Success rates are very high during this time, averaging 170% for many years, because many hunters will shoot two bears. The hides range in size from 5 feet to 8 feet squared.

From our lodge, we drive old logging roads that lead through old logged areas that produce excellent feed for the bears. We are able to spot and stalk the bears without long hikes. Often, we can glass them from a distance and judge their size.

Upon a successful hunt, our guides will prepare the hides for the taxidermist. Hides are stored in a refrigerated unit at the lodge before they are driven to Prince George where they are delivered to a taxidermist. For hunters wishing to take bear meat, the meat can be stored at our lodge in our refrigerated unit and taken to out to our selected meat cutter in Prince George where clients can make arrangements directly with the meat cutter.


We conduct 10-day moose hunts beginning each fall on September 15. Hunts are conducted from the main lodge or clients have the option of flying from the Lodge to one of our outpost cabins or camps. Fall moose hunts can be combined with a fall black bear and wolf hunt for an additional fee. Trout fishing can be done in the lakes at any time during the hunt. While the main fishing season is winding down, fishing remains good on the lakes; particularly when using small spinners or during calm conditions allowing for the use of flies.

Our area is well known for its dense population of Canada Moose. Our main lodge is in the heart of prime moose country. Each fall we harvest good bulls from the shore of the lake. The area has many lakes, which provide easy floatplane access to our outpost camps. Moose like the habitat provided by the lakes and meadows that interconnect the lakes.

Large forest fires in recent years have dramatically changed the landscape in our hunting territory. The fires have cleared the forest of thick underbrush and the resulting increase of moose feed has resulted in a high winter survival rate. In short, the fires have improved the moose habitat.

Antler sizes of mature bulls ranges from 40 to 55 inches wide. Antler characteristics vary from heavily palmed and relatively “compact” racks to tall and wide (but less palmed) racks. We have noticed some interesting and pronounced drop tines and eye guards on several moose over the years that indicated a rather unique genetic trait amongst some of the bulls harvested. Regardless of antler size, our bulls all tend to be good eating!

Upon a successful hunt, meat and trophies are stored in a refrigerated unit at the lodge before they are driven to Prince George for processing (we have a selected meat cutter and taxidermist in Prince George who handle all our needs). Clients can make arrangement for their meat and taxidermy needs directly with our selected providers.


We generally conduct wolf hunts in combination with the moose and/or bear hunts. For hunters wishing to experience a wolf only hunt, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options available.


  • 2 types of hunting experience – onsite or flyout camp experience
  • Traditional rustic lodge, cabin & camp for a comfortable stay
  • Extremely beautiful location
  • Hunting opportunity: Moose, Bear and Wolf Hunts


The daily hunt plan will be made up by your guide. His experience and skill will take you in search of the species of choice. With that said, please talk to you guide and discuss plans and your ideas. If you need a rest day or want to go deeper or stay out longer, please talk to him. Without communication they don’t know what you need or like. This is your adventure and they will do what they think is needed but sometimes your wants are different then others so please communicate your opinions.
BC moose hunting

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Moose Hunts – September – Late October

Bear Hunts – Starting in May


Moose Hunt
10 Day One on One – $9,000
10 Day Two on One – $7,500

Bear Hunt
7 Day One on One – $6,000
7 Day Two on One – $4,500

Combination Hunt – Moose/Bear/Wolf
10 Day One on One – $9,000
10 Day Two on One – $7,500

Moose Hunt with Air Package to Flyout Camp
10 Day One on One – $10,000
10 Day Two on One – $8,500


Services and equipment are included.


Luxury accommodation


Why Travel with Gage Outdoors


  • Ground transportation
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Guiding
  • Licenses
  • Tags
  • Harvest Fees


The origins of the Lodge began in 1966. Over the years the property has served as a youth camp, a private retreat, and an ecolodge. Today the Lodge serves as the headquarters for our guide outfitting operations.

Over the years more building and shops have been added. Today the Lodge features several cabins with varying capacities to accommodate staff and guests. The Lodge also features an industrial workshop and a hangar to house a floatplane and boats.

Today the Lodge can accommodate 12 clients and staff and has a main kitchen and dining hall that accommodates 6 people at a time.

Wifi is available in the main lodge and the lodge serves as the main point of communication with our camps through radio and In-Reach Satellite Messaging Devices.

Our hunts maintains both fly-out cabins and tent camps. While our camps and cabins do not offer the same level of comfort and amenities as the main Lodge, they allow our clients to access remote hunting areas that see little hunting pressure and hold abundant numbers of animals.

Our cabins and camps are well equipped with all the gear necessary for a rustic, but comfortable stay. Tents and cabins have wood stoves for heat and have cots and foamies. Clients must supply their own sleeping bag and pillow.

The camps and cabins do not have running water but ample potable water and wash water is available. There are no shower facilities and outhouses or pit toilets are used. Lighting is provided by propane lanterns and cooking is done on a propane camp stove and camp fire.

Each camp has a fully equipped boat and motor or in the case of our most remote camp, a canoe.

Gage Outdoor Expeditions owns and operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges throughout the Americas. From Alaska to the tip of Argentina, Gage Outdoor Expeditions seeks out the world’s premier hunting and fishing adventures so you don’t have to. Every hunting and fishing expedition we offer has been explored by a Gage Outdoor consultant and only the finest venues are represented. We understand your time is valuable & you can’t afford to plan for weeks or months just to have some minor detail ruin your hunting or fishing experience. We travel the distance to bring you “The Best of The Best”.


This list is provided to assist our clients when selecting gear for their upcoming hunt. The list is focused on the equipment needed for Moose Hunting but many of the items listed will also apply to a Spring Bear Hunt.

For all our hunts you can expect overnight night temperatures to dip below freezing. Daytime temperatures often do not rise above 15 degrees (c).

Quantities of a particular item are provided when it is important; otherwise, it’s up to the client to determine quantities.

For clients flying to an outpost camp, it is important to keep the weight limited to 50 lbs. You can leave extra gear (hard gun case, travel clothes, etc.) at your cabin at the main lodge during your time at the outpost camp in order help meet the 50 lb. limit.

  • One Pair Long Underwear (Merino Wool or Fleece)
  • Five Pair Wool or Poly Socks (avoid cotton)
  • Two Wool or Synthetic Long Sleeve T-Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Two Fleece Shirts
  • Heavy Cotton Shirt
  • 4 Pair Underwear
  • Fleece Pull Over or Jacket
  • Wool Sweater
  • Outer Layer Jacket (wool or fleece is preferred as it is quiet but “quiet camo” will do)
  • Two Pair Pants (one pair being wool or fleece or “quiet” camo)
  • Rain Gear (as quiet as you can find)
  • One Pair Gloves
  • Toque or warm Hunting Cap that can cover the ears
  • Camp Shoes (light weight)
  • Hunting Boots of your choice
  • Below the Knee Rubber/Neoprene Boots that you can walk in over distances
  • Scarf or neck wrap
  • “Cabin” attire. Light weight, comfortable casual clothing for around the cabin and lodge
  • Wallet & Passport
  • Cell Phone and Charger Camera (optional)
  • Fishing Rod and lures/flies (optional)
  • Sleeping Bag for outpost hunting