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Place for women who love American values and traditions, who are patriotic and want to travel to see all the wonderful places this country has to offer.

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God Bless Lady Liberty Travel the USA.

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 / — Gage Outdoor Expeditions (A Premier Outfitter specializing in Hunting/Fishing Adventures) has Partnered with Beatrice Bradley Adventure Travel to form a new Women’s Division. This new women’s group focuses on bringing conservative women together to share exciting travel experiences with like- minded travelers.

Kim Kalan, the owner of Gage Outdoors, has a vision of providing a place for women who love American values and traditions, who are patriotic and want to travel to see all the wonderful places this country has to offer. “We formed this group to allow women to join us in solo travel or with friends and feel celebrated while doing so”.

Debra Shutt, the Director of Beatrice Bradley Adventure Travel, in collaboration with Kim, is developing trips which will showcase unique venues all over the USA. Shutt says “Our mission is also to encourage and promote patriotic Female owned businesses who will partner with us to offer our members fun, unique, and spirited accessories for travel or life!”


We are excited to have women join our club for conservative women travelers. A collaboration of Beatrice Bradley and Gage Outdoor, is designed to marry travel itineraries with women who want great experiences. We have been working hard to explore the extraordinary places America has to offer and bring them all to you. Our goal is have you feel confident while seeing this great nation and beyond, and have you spend your precious time with wonderful women who can become great friends.

founders of The Beatrice Bradley Adventure Club

The founders of The Beatrice Bradley Adventure Club.

We hope conservative women of all ages will come join us. We have our inaugural trip planned for September 12th – 16th, 2022. A trip to the Northwoods- Historic Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, Minn. Call Debra Shutt at 860-305-5597 or email her: The trip closes August 10th. Visit our website to learn more and use our sign up form to join our great club.

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“I have traveled to many countries where people are not free to say what they think, do not have the ability to effect change and therefore live in a state of acceptance of mediocrity. This is NOT us!”

Debra Shutt

Debra Shutt
Beatrice Bradley
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