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Corporate Retreats are a great way to combine business and personal relationships. Companies across the country are now realizing its potential and are incorporating corporate retreats into their programs. Organizing such events offsite is ideal for team bonding and helps to enhance their employee’s overall productivity. Whether you’re looking to bring your team for some real face-time, rewarding your employees for a fabulous year or simply trying to add in some team building activities, choosing a hunting experience for your corporate retreat is both fun and adventurous and at the same time great for boosting employee morale.

Hunting has been a part of human culture for ages and holds great importance even today. There is nothing to excite the soul like time spent in the great outdoors, with good friends. The thrill of the hunt, and the unexpected scenes mother nature plays out for you.

Here are some amazing corporate retreat ideas that your employees will like and they are sure to increase their adrenaline rush:

Pheasant Hunting

Corporate Pheasant Hunting trips are becoming quite popular these days and are available with numerous options. Companies are choosing such places to ensure an enjoyable and challenging hunting experience for their workforce along with great team bonding experiences. If you’re planning a corporate retreat, taking your employee for pheasant hunting to Thunderstik Lodge, in the vast South Dakota’s grassland is a wonderful idea. They are known for offering a perfect setting for corporate pheasant hunts to conduct meetings and hunting retreats. Their services are unrivaled and can be customized according to the event to make it the best-in-class corporate retreat possible. And, it is also the perfect place to relax after a successful outing.

helicopter hog hunting TXHelicopter Hog Hunting

Helicopter Hog Hunting is another great option for organizing corporate retreats. Your team will have a memorable time with some great fun, shooting hogs from a helicopter under the guidance of an expert. The best part about Helicopter Hog Hunting is that it is available all year round so you don’t have to wait for a particular season when you are planning for a corporate retreat. You can book a customized package as per your needs. This hunting experience will leave your team in awe.

Elk Hunting

For a corporate retreat, you might want to consider Elk Hunting. This would be another good option as a corporate retreat for employees and provide them with a thrilling experience. Elk Hunting is a seasonal hunt done in the months of September to December. So, for Elk Hunting you will want to choose your dates accordingly.

Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting has become a popular sport across the globe and is now even attracting companies planning corporate retreats. Gone are the days when corporate retreats were just restricted to city tours, camping, museums, galleries and meals at restaurants. Now, companies are thinking of ideas to engage their employees and increase their efficiencies. Waterfowl Hunting is another “out of this world” adventure and provides excellent duck hunting experience. Early morning hours spent in a blind together have no equal. Companies planning corporate retreats should also consider this option. Waterfowl hunting is also seasonal and starts from mid-April through July so dates can be chosen accordingly.

Dove Hunting

Companies can also consider Dove Hunting as an option for corporate retreats. Dove Hunting is a seasonal hunt and hunting is available only from November to January, but is an excellent option for a corporate retreat for team bonding. Customized packages are available with world-class lodging, excellent meals and time for relaxation.

Corporate retreats are a fun way to re-energize and rejuvenate your employees. Whether the corporate retreat includes pheasant hunting, hog hunting, elk hunting or dove hunting, they all will provide a long-lasting and thrilling experience for the entire group!

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