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Hunting and Fishing Lodge Reviews

Tell us about your most recent hunting or fishing adventure with Gage Outdoor Expeditions or read through past reviews from customers.

Dale Thompson

The hunt was both a challenge and incredibly rewarding. I would let any other clients know to make sure to try and be in shape, the altitude is a butt kicker.

Thanks, Dale

New Mexico Trophy Elk

Lori Goldade

Summer 2013 - Aberdeen, SD

This was our third trip with Gage Outdoor Expeditions in Argentina, our second at San Juan. All of the trips have been wonderful, but this last one with Diego and his crew was the very best! Diego did an awesome job from the staff through the hunters. He knows how to run a good lodge! Everyone was happy!


New Mexico Elk Hunting Review 2014

Excellent guide, very knowledgeable about the area. Friendly demeanor, and enjoyable to talk with. Outstanding very large private ranch and never saw another hunter while we were in the field. Saw lots of elk, and heard bugling every day. Beautiful country and I had no difficulty with the altitude. The Lodge was at 9700 feet and we hunted from 10,000 to 11,000 feet. It was very cold where each morning it was about mid 30s when we left to hunt (0430 AM) and it was at least 10 degrees lower in the hunt areas. It snowed for about 3 hours on Thursday morning which made for easier hunting, and it was Thursday evening I shot my bull. Glad I brought winter hunting clothes (just in case!). Excellent hunt areas and strategically placed blinds (used in evenings) in heavily used elk crossing areas and meadows. You could smell elk in every meadow we walked through. Animals were not nervous, and were in excellent shape. It is possible that I could have gotten a larger animal if I had stayed longer, because they were definitely in the area, but when I had a chance to take my first nice sized 6x6, I did just that. My shot at 6:15PM was about 100 yards, and put one round in his chest, straight on, as he was looking down our meadow, directly at the blind. He dropped right in place. The guide gutted him right there.

Well that's the run down. So Lee definitely has a prime hunting area with lots of elk, and large bulls. I have been on 7 elk hunts and this was the best!


Joe Sanchez

Dove/ 2014 - Houston, TX

I have always heard tales of the dove hunting in Argentina, but as a hunter and fisherman you know we tend to stretch the truth. This being my first time to Argentina, it was one of the best dove hunts to have ever had the pleasure to experience. Gage Outdoor Expeditions has made the claim, produced and delivered a very memorable and exciting experience. The entire staff most of all were very attentive to detail and a pleasure to be with. I recommend this trip to anyone who loves to wing shoot. I can't wait to do it again.

Chuck Hayes- David Fenn

Spring 2014 - Bariloche, Argentina

All in all it is equal a superior outfitter I have hunted with in the Yukon. I cannot say it is better but was very satisfied with the location, it being very wild.

Charles Amyx

Spring 2014 - Patagonia, Argentina

In a word outstanding, by far the best hunting I have ever experienced. The guides were knowledgeable and skilled and knew every rock or bush in the mountains we hunted. The best fair chase hunt I've ever participated in and certainly the most memorable. I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks once more for helping set this hunt up! Chuck

Doc Richardson

Winter 2014 - Jackson

I wanted to personally give you words of appreciation as the trip was wonderful and relaxing. The latter was manifested by naps taken without effort, i.e. sleeping nearly the whole way on transfers between Buenos Aires and Bolcalua (?spelling). See my Facebook post as you certainly are welcomed to use it or the forward email to Gabbi at 4 Seasons. I would appreciate your forwarding these posts to Peter as he was an excellent guide and gracious host. My bird boy, ? Mano and field guide ?Marten were amazing in their ability to help you shoot as many doves as desired. Please pass the word to Peter and hence Peter to field guide and birdboy. My state of hearing prevents me in many occasions from getting names correct, even in the US. I do take a pen and paper around with me and try to write down important / helpful people. The pen and paper method will help to when you take a taxi or when you out and about in Bocaluca or Buenos Aires. The combination of broken Spanish and pen/paper will earn you many smiles when the language barrier pops up (as it will and does). Thanks for a great trip. Next time, the wife will probably want to come. She does not hunt, barely fishes, but is a great wife (from Peru) and companion. Doc/David D. Richardson, M.D.

Lawrence Lehnert

Spring 2013 - Entre Rios, Argentina

The entire experience from booking to arrival back in Houston was awesome. The people at the resort where great. The accomodations where awesome. The staff at the resort where some of the most attentive and accomidating that I have ever had the pleasure of being served by. Cano was one of the best outfitters that I have hunted with. Cano and Peter where some of the most knowledgable, friendly, quick witted, entertaining and helpful host. They have done done their homework in selecting the hunting locationa as well as preparing their staff to make my experience the best. My congratulations as well as a big Thank You goes out to them all. I would also like to Thank Gage Outdoors. Dan you help me plan a trip of a life time for my father, son in law and myself. I very much appreciate your service. Lawrence

Gage Outdoor Expeditions

Summer 2013 - San Juan, Argentina

The best feature of our trip was Diego, the crew leader at San Juan. He and his entire crew did an outstanding job!!!! I would go back in a minute if I knew he was in charge of the hunt!


JoAnn and I had a great trip. The hunting was excellent both duck and dove. The staff was the best I have seen In twenty three years hunting in Argentina. The food was out of this world. San Juan lodge is absolutely beautiful as well as Bolacua Resort. I would like to thank you for a great job in putting this trip together and for Four Seasons and Cano I could not say enough. Cano is a gracious host and one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Four seasons is without a doubt one of the best outfitters in Argentina.  We both look forward to our next trip to Argentina.


John Boulware


FYI, Scott & I had a fantastic trip and  a wonderful experience at Estancia San Juan---shooting was beyond words as well as Diego and his excellent staff—hats off to all!

Bill Pickering


Dan Alderman

March 2013 - Entre Rios Argentina

My son, Hunter (now 11 years old) and I just returned from our springbreak trip to Argentina. Given all the recent hype about climate change in the United States, we thought we should do something good for the environment while we were there. Since there are over 50 million doves in the Entre Rios province of Argentina alone, we postulated that all the carbon dioxide and methane that they are emitting certainly can't be good for the environment. In addition, the cummulative trillions of wing beats from the dove's wings is certainly drying up the rivers and oceans. Fortunately, we had brought along our new Benelli Ultralight 28 gauge shotguns...they turned out to be the perfect tool for the task at hand. We worked dilligently all shot at a time, trying to eliminate their carbon footprints. It was quite a challenge...shooting over 6000 shotgun shells in three days. All the time, we were refueled only by Argentine "limo de baca" (filet mignon), dulce de leche, and Malbec wine. We celebrated at the end of the week with a day of fishing for freshwater Dorado on the Uraguay river. The river levels were slightly above average and the summer temperatures were very comfortable in the mid-70's. Apparently our mission was successful...then again, none of the local Argentine people had ever heard of climate change and did not seem at all concerned...I guess they don't get CNN yet! I included a photo showing the results of just one of our afternoon hunts. The smiles on our faces come from the personal satisfaction of doing our part for the environment. I just wonder if I can get a "green" tax credit for our shotgun shells! Hope your springbreak was as enjoyable and productive as ours! DAN

Larry Lewis

Spring 2013 - Entre Rios, Argentina

Ben,,,,, Yes , we had a great time on our trip. Quality people you have down there. Cano and I spent a lot of time talking hunting an business. Good man. I have attached some pictures that you might find useful. Have a good dozen ready to sign up for their trip. Have a good day. Larry Lewis

Larry Gillis

2012 - Argentina Dove Hunt

0ur Argentina Duck/Dove shoot was more than anyone could expect. Your staff was great, the meal preparation was excellent, and the other guest made for great ongoing conversation. The staff suggested that we change Wednesday a.m. duck shoot to a goose shoot because the meteorological conditions were perfect for calling in the Magellan geese, they were and we had a great success.

Chris Brown

Spring 2012 - Argentina Dove Hunt

The only thing I would do differently is to stay longer. It was a great time and one more day would have been great. Thank you for a great time in Argentina!

Dan Alderman

Spring 2012 - Entre Rios Argentina

Our 9 year old son “Hunter” and I just returned from our spring break trip to Argentina. As you can see in the pictures below, Hunter worked hard with his 28 gauge Franchi shotgun trying to help rid the Argentine’s from their “la peste de palomas” (plague of doves). We shot over 5000 rounds in 4 days and Hunter killed over a thousand doves in a single day which earned him a membership into the 1000 dove club (he hasn’t taken his hat off since!). The local Argentines were so happy that we were helping to control the “ratas con alas” (rats with wings) that they treated us with feasts of grass-fed Argentine beef tenderloin each day and provided me with all the Malbec red wine that I could drink. We would take mid-day breaks on hammocks lying in the warm Argentine sun but then it was back to our duty in the afternoon. We did take off one day mid-week to rest our shoulders and enjoyed some phenomenal “dorado” fishing in the Uraguay river. Not only are they the “hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world” but they are also one of the best tasting! We caught and released over 20 fish but kept several for shore lunch. On the last day, we also helped out one of the local pecan farmers by thinning some of the thousands of wild parrots/parakeets that were devastating his pecan crop. I hate to use the term “heros” but we did leave a lasting impression upon the Argentine people. Unfortunately, our trip was not a complete success…there were still over 50 million doves still filling the sky’s of the Entre Rios providence of Argentina when we left. It is a mission that will require our efforts again next year…anyone up for some philanthropic work in South America?

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