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Peacock Bass Fishing Trips


The mighty Peacock Bass of Brazil’s Amazon has become one of the most sought after freshwater fish species in the world since this fishery was opened in the early 1990’s.

This colorful hard fighting fish, often weighing 25 lbs. or better, is an aggressive feeder that will come out of 20 feet of water to smash huge, noisy top water lures with a vengeance.

Occasionally they will knock a big 7” Wood Chopper top water lure 5 to 6 feet in the air on a missed strike. Although a Peacock Bass feeds and fishes like a Largemouth Bass, the Peacocks are actually a member of the aggressive Cichlid family of South American fishes and not a member of the same family as the Large Mouth Bass.

Visualize a 25 lbs. Smallmouth Bass, having a bad hair day, and you will get an idea of what a Peacock Bass’ temperament and fighting ability are all about! Peacock Bass will readily strike jerk baits, spoons, jigs and flies, but that explosive top water strike on a big Woodchopper or Rip Roller is what people come to Brazil’s Amazon to experience.

Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil is a “TRIP OF A LIFETIME” for many anglers. Peacock Bass are some of the most beautiful fish in the world, and they put up a pretty good fight too! 

The Amazon basin is truly one of the last remote areas of the world, and you can travel through these exotic regions of the Amazon River in luxury.  
You will be amazed what you will see and experience in this remote part of the Amazon Basin!

peacock Bass Fishing

With Capt. Peacock, in the upper Rio Negro of Brazil’s Amazon, you can expect to catch at least 3 different species of Peacock Bass with an average of 30 fish per day per boat at least, including:

Other Amazon fish species

There are over 2,500 documented species of fish in the Amazon River basin, adding a whole new perspective to the question, “what else can I catch?” There are giant catfish and prehistoric Arapaima growing upwards of 10 ft. long and weighing over 400 lbs., 3 species of Piranha weighing over 5 lbs., the ancient Arowana that can leap out of the water 5 feet into the air to catch bird & insects from overhanging brush, a myriad of different species of Oscars & tiny fresh water tropical fish the likes of Tetras and Angel fish. Dropping a piece of cut bait in the deep channels of the river or casting a small crank bait into the shallows will produce fish that your guide, who grew up on the river fishing nearly every day of his life, has never seen before. Fishing in Brazil’s Amazon is the epitome of “exploratory fishing!

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Itinerary

1st DAY: arrive in Manaus in the afternoon or evening. Once you have cleared Brazilian Customs you will be met by our English speaking staff, which will be holding a large Captain Peacock sign. Then you will board our charter bus and be transferred to the hotel;

2nd DAY: breakfast is served at 6:00 A.M. after which you will travel by private bus to the Manaus executive airport where they will board our private charter aircraft for the 1 hour flight upriver to meet the yacht. There is no restriction on the amount of luggage you can bring on the charter plane, but you don’t need to overpack. Upon arrival in Barcelos or Santa Isabel you will be transferred to the Yacht where you can relax, unpack, enjoy a drink and explore your floating boutique hotel while we get underway. In the afternoon right after lunch you will start your adventure outboard – you can elect to fish once we get further up river or simply relax for the remainder of the day;

3rd DAY: you will start the 3rd day of the trip and the 2nd day on board yacht, using the morning time to go out fishing and/or for eco adventures. In the end of the day, we will always have a cocktail/appetizers party previous to dinner, served 7pm;

4th DAY: you will be cruising for different activities and options along the day;

5th DAY: you will be cruising for different activities and options along the day;

6th DAY: you will be cruising for different activities and options along the day;

7th DAY: you will be fishing and/or Eco-touring the Rio Negro your way back to the city we departed from. We will overnight there. You are welcome to go and explore the town if you would like, or simply enjoy your last night aboard;

8th DAY: Have breakfast, then depart to the airport where you will be flown by the same type of private charter aircraft back to Manaus, arriving at approximately 11:00 A.M. Please make sure to book your flight back home for NO SOONER THAN 1:00PM, on the final day of the trip. 

Gage Outdoor Fishing Package Pricing for the 2016

7 Day Fishing Package (9 nights, 7 days aboard ship) = $6,950

5 Day Fishing Package (7 nights, 5 days aboard ship) = $5,950


  • Full airport assistance and transfers – on way in/out of Manaus, Brazil;
  • English-speaking host & guides at the airport in Manaus as well as on board yacht;
  • Two hotel nights in Manaus – deluxe rooms, dbl occupancy, breakfast (sgl for an additional fee);
  • Charter flights within Brazil – on way in/out of either Barcelos or Santa Isabel cities;
  • 9 nights trip with 7 days on board yacht – cruising for daily Fishing & Eco activities;
  • 1 new American bass trackers boats – 2 anglers per boat plus a fishing guide;
  • Air conditioned stateroom w/ private bath and walk-in showers w/ hot water aboard yacht;
  • All meals & premium beverages aboard yacht, including selected wines and cocktails – all inclusive;
  • Daily laundry and maid service – There is no need to overpack;
  • Complementary use of TFO – bait casting and spinning rods;
  • Complementary use of SHIMANO Reels – bait casting & spinning reels;
  • Power Pro Braided Kevlar line – for the reels we provide;
  • Extra Eco-activities while on board;
  • State fishing license.


R/T Airfare to Manaus, Brazil; Gratuities to guides and boat staff (optional); International departure taxes if necessary; Meals and drinks while in Manaus; Extra day(s) in town; fees associated with obtaining Passport and Visa; Satellite phone cost $10/min; Satellite e-mail cost $125 per 25MBs; Lure Kit $395 per person - or any other that it is not described or mentioned in the PACKAGE INCLUDES described above.

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Season

The season runs September - March with October/November and January/February the prime months.  The river begins to drop in September and the rise and fall of the water levels will dictate the quality of fishing and peacock bass fishing techniques.  The fishing is great any time during the open season but October and November can be more predictable due to the water levels and the temperatures are more comfortable during this period.

Whether you are after numbers or trophies, cast plugs, or flies, want to troll, fish with live bait, or just want to learn about the various fish species of the Amazon watershed, our guides can, and will, increase your chances of achieving your goal. Their intimate knowledge of the peacock bass is such that the our onboard manager consults with our head guide daily to determine the most prime areas to be fished the following day.   Most of the fishing will take place in lagoons and backwater bays off the Rio Negro or MadeiraRiversand other main tributaries, but main river structures can also yield trophy-class fish.  One of the most exciting aspects of fishing for peacock bass is their propensity for attacking surface lures.  Peacock bass fishing is very similar to largemouth bass fishing in the States.  Both species ambush prey from cover and structure.  Casting top water plugs, jerk baits, flies or jigs to stumps, shoreline blow downs, rock piles, lagoons, creek mouths and sandbars is the norm.  If you desire to fly fish, the most successful flies are larger profiled patterns - all tied on 3/0 and 4/0 quality saltwater hooks.  These should be tied in a diversity of colors. You will be sent a detailed packing and tackle list.

 More Details About Your Luxury Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure

The World’s #1 Bass Boats

Fish and cruise the Amazon atop stable decks, in comfortable seats, and with the smoothest and fastest ride in all of Brazil with our fleet of Bass Tracker boats. Bass Tracker boats are American made and America’s favorite and Capt. Peacock is the only outfitter in all of Amazônia that has them.

State of the Art 125-Foot Luxury Yacht

At 125 foot long by 20 feet wide, our state of the art floating hotel combines ease of river mobility with unparalleled luxury. Each private cabin offers side-by-side beds, a private bath with walk in hot water shower, and air conditioning. And our lounges and dining areas are as spacious as they are comfortable. Style and comfort – only with Capt. Peacock.

Executive Chef Onboard

Great food and drink are our Chef’s passion. International and local cuisine paired with great South American red and white wines, shore lunch, an outdoor Brazilian barbecue, special cocktails prior to and after dinner, an à la carte executive lunch menu, international breakfast, and more are just part of what Chef Saul offers and all are included with your package

The Best Fishing Guides & Gear

Capt. Peacock has guided more anglers (and non-anglers alike!) to more world record Peacock Bass than any other outfitter in the Amazon. Our English-speaking guides, each with an average of 15 years experience, combined with TFO fishing rods and Shimano Reels designed specifically for Amazônia, will put you onto the largest Peacock Bass in all the world. And best of all, our guides’ experience and all equipment is included with your package.

Fly & Conventional Fishing Available

The last two All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass (27 pounds caught in 1994 and 28 pounds in 2010) were landed by anglers fishing with Captain Peacock and both came from the Rio Negro River or within a couple of miles of the mouths of its tributaries! Both fly and conventional gear are available to you as part of your package at no extra cost.

Night Bowfishing Experience

One night a week, guests will experience this new and exciting method of fishing that utilizes specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish. Fish are shot with a barbed arrow that is attached with special line to a reel mounted on the bow. River catfish, giant fresh water stingrays (catch and release), and other nocturnal species, along with the sounds of the jungle after dark, make for a night full of adventure.


Peacock Bass fishing lodge reviews or for more pictures of Trophy peacock bass

Any true angler that has never fished for “Giant Peacock Bass” in the Amazon must absolutely put it on their bucket list!  Those that have had the experience are, no doubt, looking forward to their next opportunity to return.    My trip on the Amazon Santana was not my first time fishing in the Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised at the comfortable accommodations on the yacht. It “far” exceeded my expectations and was considerably better than previous houseboats from which I had fished on the Rio Negro.

Our group met the Amazon Santana at Barcelos on the Rio Negro, and the crew handled our luggage and fishing rod cases from the time we got off the plane until it was delivered to our cabins. Those that chose not to bring their own fishing rods and reels were provided with good Peacock Bass fishing tackle, unlike some of the other trips I had been on.   After a hot buffet lunch, pairs of anglers joined their guides and were able to get in several hours of peacock bass fishing on arrival day.  

The experienced guides, most of whom spoke English, constantly amazed me. Although the Amazon Santana moved each day in order to fish new water,they seemed to know each area like the back of their hands. With no charts, no GPS and no channel markers on the Amazon river they navigated the thousands of islands, rivers, lagoons, creeks and hidden lakes in order to seek out the best hot spots.   In addition to catching Speckled, Orinoco and Butterfly Peacock Bass, we caught numerous other species unique to the Amazon river basin which was always fun. Our guide led us to several big Peacock Bass including a 23, 21, 20 and 19 lb bass. The 20 lb Peacock bass was caught on fly tackle.

Our week long experience included, on different days, a shore lunch, barbecue dinner on a sand bar, dining under the stars on the top deck, and even an optional visit to a local native village. Except for an occasional fly, mosquitoes and other pesky critters were almost non existent.   Returning to the yacht each day after 10 or 11 hours of peacock bass fishing, we were met with a cold drink and a welcome cold damp towel.    The food was plentiful and the bar was open all week.

All in all, it was a  great experience which I am looking forward to experiencing again some day.

Mike Leech, Former IGFA President  

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