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Luxury Manitoba Fishing Lodge

Luxury Manitoba Fishing Lodge

Luxury Manitoba Fishing Lodge

Manitoba Stillwater fly fishing is truly one of the most unique fishing experiencse in the world. Manitoba's Parkland stillwaters hold a diverse variety of angling environments and underwater structures.  Manitoba's stillwaters blend a dynamic array of trout species, diverse waterbodies and a progressive resource management plan. Each of these unique stillwaters possess their own attributes. From high elevation oligotrophic lakes of the Duck Mountains to the lowland eutrophic lakes of the parallel rolling prairies, each stillwater offers its own possibilities. This area of Manitoba combines nutrient and forage rich waters, low fishing pressure and catch and release practices sustaining some of the largest and most numerous trout specimens on earth. The decision is yours, Tiger Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout or Splake!

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Typical Day

  • Early am pickup
  • 15 to 40 minute transport to fishing location
  • Upon arrival, we will review equipment usage, conditions, techniques and safety precautions. If fly fishing instructions are required, the first immediate opportunity will cater to that request and will ensure that you will have the necessary skills, techniques and understanding to enjoy your adventure and in turn be successful on the water. Full day of fishing Return to the lodge for dinner and relaxation

The fishing day begins from a boat or float tube and will continue until lunch. Lake side lunches are primarily home cooked BBQ, stews, soups or local culinary items with various salads and desserts. Fish shore lunches are also available at certain locations, please be aware that fish shore lunches can take up to two hours. Deli sandwiches or other menu items can also be requested if you wish to stay on the water or may be chosen on variable weather days. Soft drinks, juice and bottled water will always be available at lunch and on the water, as well as afternoon snacks.