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Caribou Hunting in Manitoba, Canada - Barren Ground

Manitoba Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunting Outfitter Packages:  Experience the vast wilds of Northern Manitoba while pursuing the majestic Barren Ground Caribou, with Gage Outdoor Expeditions.

Trophy class caribou in Canada, The Qumanirjuaq herd migrate across this expansive tundra. Our caribou hunting lodges are located in the heart of this Trophy Caribou territory.  We offer 3 camps, located in the heart of the Caribou staging grounds, giving us the ability to put you right where the caribou herd is!

The Central Barren Ground caribou, with a population in excess of 550,000, offer big game hunters the ultimate Trophy caribou hunt experience. 

Few hunters have afforded themselves the opportunity to pursue this majestic beast in some of the most remote, unspoiled wilderness on earth. The adventure begins through Thompson, Manitoba.  

Contact us today for a detailed travel itinerery for your next Big Game hunting adventure

Canada Caribou Hunting Success Rates

2013-2014 were great with close to 100% success rates although 2 hunters did not take a second caribou.  Final trophy sizes are not out yet but average sizes were 325-375.

*For our 2012 Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunts we had a 100% success rate. 
All hunters had successful caribou hunts this fall.  One hunter missed on his second caribou but all other hunters, including archery, were successful.  

Due to our superb locations in Manitoba, Canada our caribou hunting packages have a success rate of close to 100% over the past ten years.   Whether archery hunting for trophy Canada caribou or rifle, we have the ability to get you close to the caribou, which translates into opportunities for you.  The caribou hunting in Manitoba, Canada consists of spot and stalk or ambush hunting.  Due to our proximity to the caribou staging areas, our Canada caribou hunting packages have a number of strong advantages that most caribou hunting lodges can not duplicate. 

Manitoba Caribou Hunting consists of the Central Barren Ground Caribou.  The herd is called the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd, which migrates throughout Manitoba.
Because or our proximity to the caribou staging areas hunting success does not depend purely on the timing of the caribou migration.  We offer five day trophy caribou hunting packages and the caribou are always close when the hunters are in camp. 

Archery caribou hunting packages:  Archery caribou hunters often have increased success with us due to fact that the caribou are not always migrating through the area.  When large herds of caribou are moving through an area it can be very difficult to get close to the Trophy bull caribou, especially when attempting to harvest a trophy caribou with a bow.

In addition to a close to 100% success rate, we have an good opportunities for Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young Trophy Caribou.  Professional and experienced guides are able to rough out a score to help you harvest just the right animal for you.

In addition to being a Caribou Hunting Outfitter our lakes are positively teeming with Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling and all around you, wildlife abounds.  These pristine waters are located 140 miles to the northwest of Churchill near the Nunavut border.

Hunts are 5 days and once you’ve taken your caribou (you can take up to 2), you can pass the time hunting geese & ptarmigan or fishing.  Hunts are fully guided - 2 hunters per guide.

2017 Caribou Hunting Outfitter Package Rates

Caribou 6 day hunting package price = $9,995
Caribou Tags = $475 - 2 tags max per hunter - subject to change

Note: Rates are quoted per person in U.S. funds or equivalent

6 Day Caribou Hunting Outfitter Package Includes:

• Unparalleled big game hunting for Caribou
• 2 tags available
• Ptarmigan hunting also available
• Fishing for trophy Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling
• Round trip transportation from Thompson to Schmok/Commonwealth Lake
• Delicious home cooked meals
• Comfortable accommodations in our modern mini lodges
• Indoor washrooms and shower
• Professional guides - 2 hunters per guide
• Caping and packaging of meat
• 2 hunters per guide
• Transport of meat to Thompson - 50lbs per caribou

Not Included:

• Taxes
• Gratuities
• Tags and licenses
• Pre/post trip accommodations

2017 Caribou Hunt Dates

Our 2017 caribou Hunting season dates will be as follows:


September 2 -8 | 4 spots

September 12 – 18 | Sold Out

September 18 – 24 | 3 spot 


September 14-20 | Sold Out

September 20-26 | Sold Out


August 30 – September 5 | 1 spot

September 11 – 17 | 1 spots

The Caribou Hunting Lodges


Our Trophy Caribou Lodges in Canada are located less than 10 miles south of the Nunavut border and 140 miles Northwest of Churchill, Manitoba, very close to the calving grounds of the caribou herd.  To ensure the best possible caribou hunt for you, we do limit our season to the 3 weeks in September when their numbers are most abundant.

Travel to the barrenlands, the Land of the Midnight Sun, home of the Aurora Borealis -- unchanged wilderness since the beginning of time.

The Gage central barren ground Caribou Hunting Lodge combines all the comforts of home with a rustic character that lends itself to this magestic land.  We offer real comfort in this remote wilderness setting with private cabin accommodation for up to 10 in each camp. Electricity and indoor plumbing, comfortable lounge, and a restaurant style kitchen.  Freezers and modern equipment all combine to make this Trophy Caribou Hunting Lodge the premier hunting and fishing location in the Manitoba.

Wildlife, which is unique to the Canadian Arctic, is abundant. The migration of the Central Barren Ground Caribou herd is one of the last remaining, true spectacles of nature and can be witnessed annually in Manitoba.

Whether you come to capture giant Lake Trout, fly fish for Arctic Grayling, or to photograph the Arctic Tundra, our professional caribou hunting guides and staff will help make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Contact us today and let us create a unique expedition just for you.


For more information about the Manitoba caribou herds follow the link below.  Click on the telemetry tab and it will give you an amazing animation about the migration patterns of the Qamanirjuaq herd.

Find out More about the Qumanirjuaq Herd

Tips for a Successful Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunt in Canada

  • Ask the lodge or agent how many years they have been selling caribou hunts in Manitoba.
  • Get references from past hunters, as well as information for the local DNR office, and the provincial outfitters association.
  • Ask any questions you have no matter how small.  This is a major investment and you should be sure about the hunt.
  • When planning your Manitoba Caribou hunt a year or more ahead get on the mailing list and get updated on the success of previous hunts.
  • Make sure you know what the weather conditions will be while caribou hunting and you know what gear to bring.
  • Find out about travel insurance.
  • Go over the outfitters terms and conditions thouroughly before booking.  Go through any questions you have about the hunt before you pay your deposits.   

Canada Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form 909 – Hunters must fill out the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form 909 before you leave for your hunt. Don't try and fill it out at the border, this will upset the Canadian Customs officials and their routine. Fill out this form online and then print 3 copies. Double check your firearms details, especially the serial number, before you hit the print button. Do not sign this form until you are at the border and the officials there ask you to sign it. You will need to present the form with your passport. There is a fee for the permit and it is $25 CND. You must pay for your permit in Canadian dollars or by MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Canadian Customs does not except U.S. Currency. Remember to always carry your firearms permit and identification while you are in the field. To obtain your firearms application, go to the official Canadian Firearms Program page at
Firearm Form

Manitoba Conservation has recently implemented new requirements for license eligibility .  Starting January 1, 2012, all hunters are required to have a valid Hunter Education Certificate (or the equivalent in your home state/province) to purchase/possess a license in Manitoba. 

We will be verifying the validity of your certificate when you arrive at the lodge and, in the event of an inspection, you may also be asked to present it to a Manitoba Conservation Officer so be sure to bring it with you.  Details on the new requirements can be found here: 

If you do not have the necessary documentation, please obtain it through your local conservation department.  Alternatively, you can take an online course through the Manitoba Wildlife Federation which will qualify you for a Manitoba Hunter Education Certificate.

Caribou Hunting Lodge Location

We have recently made a significant change, with regards to the logistics on our caribou hunt that will impact your travel plans.

What's changing

  • Instead of using Churchill as a rendezvous point, you will now only need to get to Thompson, MB.  We will fly you from Thompson to Nejanilini Lake (see attached map) on a King Air plane and then transfer you to a prop plane or helicopter for the short flight up to camp (about 40 miles).
  • To balance out the increase in charter costs and the reduction in your travel costs, we will be adding a $200.00 surcharge to your final invoice. 

What stays the same

  • You are still responsible for getting yourself to the departure point (Thompson) the day before your hunt starts and for the cost of a hotel room that night.
  • I can help out with travel arrangements – flight & hotel. 
  1. AIRFARE - I can arrange flights to Thompson at a cost of $655.00 round trip.
  2. HOTEL - We use the Days Inn in Thompson.  Your cost would be roughly $140.00/night.
  • Guns/bows must be transferred to soft-sided cases for the flight out of Thompson

Why the change

Flying out of Thompson means we can avoid the poor flying conditions which befall Churchill in September.  This will decrease the chance of a weather delay that would prevent you from getting into or out of camp.

Manitoba Caribou Hunt Reviews

Caribou Hunt Reviews

Just thought you might like to see what a little bit of caribou heaven.  Jeremy and I has a great caribou hunt in Northern Manitoba.  It was a great hunt from start to finish.  We had the opportunity to harvest our bulls in less than 2 days.  We could be as selective as we wanted to be.  The caribou was around us from the time we entered the field till we went to bed at night as they were walking with 150 yards of the lodge.  It was a great bunch of guys that Jeremy I and had the opportunity to meet and to get to know.  It will a treasured hunt and one that we hope to repeat.  Thanks for the work in setting it up.

Happy hunting,


The Qamanirjuaq caribou herd numbers arounc 500,000 animals. The caribou spend their summers in the barren grounds of Nunavut, calving at Qamanirjuaq Lake, then migrating down late every summer, spending their winter in Manitoba's Northern Forests. 

You will be hunting the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd of Manitoba with Gage Outdoor Expeditions.  We will fly you from Churchill to the caribou hunting camp and then the excitement begins.  Each morning your guide will take you out in search of the caribou herds and you will continue hunting until you are ready to call it a day.  The hunting can be tailored to your physical abilities but most hunts consist of travel by boat in combination with spot and stalk of the caribou herd.
We are the northermost caribou hunting outfitter in Manitoba and our caribou hunting camps are just south of the calving grounds.  This gives our location some consistency as to when the caribou will be migrating through, which most caribou outfitters do not have.  There will be no flying out to different caribou camps, the caribou will be there when you are.

There are 2 heards of Central Barren Ground Caribou.  The Beverly caribou herd and the  Qamanirjuaq herd and we are hunting the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd.  In addition to the Barren ground caribou there are four other types of caribou. 

The Mountain Caribou, hunted in Alberta, British Columbia, and portions of the Yukon and the MacKenzie Mountains of the NWT's, and Barren Ground Caribou (taken in Alaska, and portions of the Yukonhunted on Baffin Island, and in a portion of the NWT's east of the Mackenzie River and west of Hudson's Bay, are the largest caribou in Canada. This type of caribou hunting can be slightly more difficult than the other four due to the terrain the caribou make their home and the fact that the mountain caribou do not migrate.  The mountain caribou, primarily located in British Columbia, move up and down the mountain but do not migrate long distances as the barren ground caribou, Quebec Labrador caribou and central barren ground caribou. 

The Quebec Labrador caribou are found, believe it or not, in Quebec and other parts of northern Canada.  Caribou hunting for the Quebec Labrador is very popular due to the size of the caribou antlers.  The Quebec Labrador caribou on average, have slightly larger head gear than the barren ground caribou, but many caribou hunters prefer the character of the antlers on the barren ground caribou. 

The Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou is one of five species of Caribou found in North America. They are found throughout much of Alaska, and a portion of the Yukon Territory. While there are many different herds of caribou in Alaska, they are all classified as Barren Ground. One of the most well known herds, and the largest is the Mulchatna herd. The Woodland caribou are located only in Newfoundland although the caribou in other provinces, which can be found in the boreal forests are sometimes confused with the woodland caribou.

For Additional information about the Central Barren Ground Caribou and the Qamanirjuaq herd.

For more Manitoba Caribou hunting reviews
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