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Dove Hunting in Argentina

Dove Hunting in Argentina

Dove Hunting Argentina

Argentina Dove Hunting in Entre Rios

Luxury Argentina dove hunting in Entre Rios just 2.5 hours from Buenos Aires. This estancia in the Entre Rios region of Argentina is our newest dove hunting location. The region's ideal climate consistently yields an abundance of grains, corn, milo, sorghum and wheat producing tremendous bird populations. Current estimates put the population at over 20 million birds, allowing for exceptional hunting year round. Outfitters are scarce in this area, which means more doves for you and your group! In 2009, we introduced a new dove hunting operation in Entre Rios Argentina. Over the past five years we have been scouting this unique Argentina dove hunting area and learned that the farming conditions have resulted in a huge population of millions of Argentina doves. This easy access means no flight connections in Buenos Aires saving you money and time. After arriving in Argentina you will be dove hunting the first afternoon - this wingshooter's paradise is just a day's travel from the U.S.

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Argentina Dove Hunting

2017 All Inclusive Dove Hunting Package

Nothing kills the excitement of a quality dove hunt more than worries about shooting too much due to the shell bill at the end of the hunt.  We have designed an all inclusive package so you can enjoy shooting LOTS of shells with no thoughts about a huge shell bill at the end of the hunt. Our all inclusive dove hunting packages include everything so you won't get hit with a barrage of charges when it's time to head home!

3 Day All Inclusive Luxury Argentina Dove Hunting $3,295 per hunter

Package Includes:

  • 3 days fully guided Argentina dove hunting
  • 3000 rounds of ammunition
  • Bilingual host from arrival in Buenos Aires until departure
  • All ground transportation as required by the itinerary
  • Assistance with the paperwork to clear the guns at Customs
  • Ground transportation in and out of the hunting area
  • Accommodations in estancia - double occupancy
  • All meals while in hunting areas
  • Soft drinks, beer and wine
  • One guide per each hunter
  • Basic Gratuities
  • Hunting license
  • Gun rental

Not included:

Shells beyond 3,000 in package = $12 per box, Airfare, Extra transfer charge for groups less than 4, Extra Transfers.

Sample Itinerary

High Volume Dove Shooting Argentina

2017 Regular Dove Hunting Rates

3 Day Package = $1,495

2 Day Package = $1,000

1 Day Package = $650

Packages Include:

  • Fully guided Argentina dove hunting
  • Bilingual host from arrival in Buenos Aires until departure
  • All ground transportation as required by the itinerary
  • Assistance with the paperwork to clear the guns at Customs
  • Ground transportation in and out of the hunting area
  • Accommodations in estancia - double occupancy
  • All meals while in hunting areas
  • Soft drinks, beer and wine
  • One guide per each hunter

Not included:

Gratuities, Hunting license $50 per day, Gun rental $50 per day, Shells $12 per box, Bird Boy $40 per day, Extra transfer charge for groups less than 4.

All Inclusive Dove Packages Argentina

Lodging - Bolacua Resort

After an exilerating day of Argentina dove shooting, relax in this Luxury Argentina Estancia. Take a swim or relax with a cocktail as your hosts cater to your every need. After a relaxing evening of drinks and socializing, schedule a private massage back in your room to finish off the perfect day! The hunting lodge can host large or small groups with an intimate feel and first class Argentina hospitality regardless of how many hunters are in your dove hunting group.

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Dove Hunting Close to Buenos Aires

Lodging - Palacio Santa Candida

$300 Surcharge

Looking for something more intimate for your group of 4-8 hunters. Relax in this Luxury Argentina Estancia after an exciting day of dove shooting. Take a swim or relax with a cocktail as your hosts cater to your every need. We have 7 rooms with private bathroom and 2 apartments with 2 bedrooms each and a private bathroom. The hosting service includes breakfast and dinner served in the Great Hall with a fixed menu. This historic estancia offers an authentic Argentina feel and experience to complement amazing dove hunting!

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Dove Hunting Lodge Argentina

The Dove Hunting Schedule

Following an early morning breakfast, we drive 20 to 30 minutes to the field where the guides will have blinds set and cases of shells ready. Approximately one half-hour after daybreak, clouds of Argentina doves will begin swarming overhead.& The doves wil fly all day long! At midday a break is taken in the field for Authentic Argentina dining experience. April - August you shoot the feeding routes of the Argentia doves. The rest of the year the dove hunting in Argentina is close to the roost where you will have the best high volume dove shooting in Argentina. Theuse of shoulder pads and semiauto guns are highly recommended. The dove hunting limit is set by the hunter's capacity. There are more birds that any one hunter can shoot!

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The Dove Hunting Location

Gualegauychu is the closest town to the Entre Rios dove hunting location - just 2.5 hours north of Buenos Aires The Argentina Dove hunting trip originates in the USA with a non-stop flight to Buenos Aires. Upon Arrival you will clear customs and be met by our agent. From this point forward you will be accompanied by and English speaking host while you are in Argentina. You will be transferred to the dove hunting lodge for an exciting afternoon of Argentina dove hunting.

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Luxury Dove Hunts Argentina

Argentina Sample Itinerary - Close to Buenos Aires

Day 1

Early morning arrival in Buenos Aires. Our host will greet you and provide assistance to clear customs.  You can drive 2.5 hours to the Argentina dove hunting area or charter a flight. You will enjoy an unforgettable lunch with Argentina beef and wine and then have an exciting afternoon of high volume Argentina dove hunting.

Day 2-3

Two or 3 full days of high volume Argentina dove hunting.

Day 4

Morning of dove hunting and transport back to Buenos Aires for flight home.


Our 9 year old son “Hunter” and I just returned from our spring break trip to Argentina. As you can see in the pictures below, Hunter worked hard with his 28 gauge Franchi shotgun trying to help rid the Argentine’s from their “la peste de palomas” (plague of doves).  We shot over 5000 rounds in 4 days and Hunter killed over a thousand doves in a single day which earned him a membership into the 1000 dove club (he hasn’t taken his hat off since!).  The local Argentines were so happy that we were helping to control the “ratas con alas” (rats with wings) that they treated us with feasts of grass-fed Argentine beef tenderloin each day and provided me with all the Malbec red wine that I could drink.  We would take mid-day breaks on hammocks lying in the warm Argentine sun but then it was back to our duty in the afternoon.  We did take off one day mid-week to rest our shoulders and enjoyed some phenomenal “dorado” fishing in the Uraguay river.  Not only are they the “hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world” but they are also one of the best tasting!  We caught and released over 20 fish but kept several for shore lunch. On the last day, we also helped out one of the local pecan farmers by thinning some of the thousands of wild parrots/parakeets that were devastating his pecan crop.  I hate to use the term “heros” but we did leave a lasting impression upon the Argentine people.  Unfortunately, our trip was not a complete success…there were still over 50 million doves still filling the sky’s of the Entre Rios providence of Argentina when we left.  It is a mission that will require our efforts again next year…anyone up for some philanthropic work in South America?


0ur Argentina Duck/Dove shoot was more than anyone could expect. Your staff was great, the meal preparation was excellent, and the other guest made for great ongoing conversation. The staff suggested that we change Wednesday a.m. duck shoot to a goose shoot because the meteorological conditions were perfect for calling in the 

Magellan geese, they were and we had a great success.

Larry, Lakewood Ranch Florida.

Argentina Dove Hunting Lodge Reviews in Entre Rios Adventure

The Gage Outdoor sales staff had the opportunity to visit a new Argentina dove hunting location in April 2010. Gage Outdoor Expeditions has dove and duck hunting locations throughout Argentina with many package options for hunters. After 3 days there was a consensus that this new location has some of the best Argentina dove hunting in the country. Our experienced staff has been dove hunting in Cordoba, Santiago del Estero, Tucuman and many other locations in Argentina and this was the best! The combination of proximity to Buenos Aires, great food, reasonable rates, great guides and the best Argentina dove hunting make this location the best dove hunting lodge in Argentina. We arrived in Argentina via Houston at 8:37 am and were greeted by the Argentina dove hunting guide right outside of customs. After some greetings, we quickly transferred to the van for a 2.5 hour ride to the Argentina dove hunting lodge. We were all very excited to hit the fields for some Argentina dove hunting so we quickly dropped our bags in the luxury rooms and headed for the dove fields. After a long day and night of travel we were all famished and the Argentina beef tenderloin and sausage was just what we needed before hitting the fields for some high volume dove hunting in Argentina. We were shooting by 3 pm and a couple of the guys had over 1,000 doves within a couple of hours. Personally, my shooting needs some work, but I was able to kill my share of Argentina doves and had a great time with the guys in the field. For the next 2 days we all experience Argentina dove hunting at its best. The beautiful Argentina estancia is filled with many types of Argentina wildlife, which added charm to the whole experience. In addition to the great food and the best Argentina dove hunting I had ever experienced the guides and staff at the estancia were fantastic.  I‘m not really a “massage guy” but Peter, one of the dove hunting guides, talked me into giving it a go. I didn’t think I could get any more relaxed but after an hour of Gabriella working out some knots, I felt like a new man! Now back to the fields for some more of Argentina’s best dove hunting!

Argentina Dove Hunting Lodge Review

The best job in the world?

The best dove hunting in Argentina, and I got to go through my job at Gage Outdoor Expeditions. Being the old timer here at Gage, now going on my 16 year, I've been lucky enough to visit what has become one of my all time favorite countries, that being Argentina. My first trip in August of 2001 was an eye opener. Starting in Cordoba, I thought I was dreaming. Thousands upon thousands of doves flying every day. Next, onto the north in Santiago del estero for some better Argentina dove hunting! Was it possible? Oh yah. Then a trip south and the unbelievable Argentina duck hunting in the Buenos Aires province. And I called it work? Now, flash forward to April 2010. Cano St. Antonin, owner of 4 Seasons Hunting in Argentina discovered a huge dove roost just a short 2 ½ hour drive north in the Entre Rios province. Also along for the journey for some high volume Argentina dove hunting was one of my long time customers Denton Messick from Atlanta. Denton holds one of the dove hunting records in Santiago del estero, where he shot over 4000 Argentina doves in a day. From Minnesota, the father –son team of Dick and Jeff Gordon as well as our Gage Outdoor team of Bruce Swanson and Ben Holbrook rounded out our group. We were met at the Buenos Aires airport after our all night flight from Houston by our hosts Cano St. Antonin and Peter Vella. The transfer time from the Buenos Aires airport to the Posada Bolacua in Entre Rios took only about 2 ½ hours, including a stop at the provincial border for our Argentina dove hunting license. Bolacua is a small resort, complete with swimming pool and spa. During our stay Llamas were tethered on the lawns, and exotic birds flew and roamed around the property. Transfer time to the roost was about 25 minutes. The first afternoon, Denton shot 1000 doves, setting the stage for his 2000 doves or more every day afterward. The routine was, up for breakfast at 7:00am, at the roost by 8-8:30am, settle down with our bird boys and a case of shells for some high volume Argentina dove hunting. Lunch was the traditional Argentinean BBQ, served with all the side dishes and also the world famous Malbec wine. We had a great time. If you want to have the opportunity to shoot more doves than ever before AND savor some great food, wine and top shelf Argentina dove hunting and hospitality, be sure to contact our office for additional information. Best job in the world? I’m not sure of that, but I know it’s the best job I’ve ever had.